Primal Freeze Dried Raw Dog & Cat Food

Primal Freeze Dried Raw Dog & Cat Food

Feeding your cat or dog a raw diet doesn't have to be difficult. When you feed with Primal it makes giving your dog a wholesome raw diet easy and hassle-free!

Feeding your furry friend a raw diet doesn’t have to be difficult! With Primal freeze-dried raw diets, Primal makes giving your dog a wholesome raw diet easy and hassle-free! No measuring or chopping necessary! These shelf-stable diets are great for daily feeding as well as travel, long car rides, and more! They’re also great for households with limited freezer space. These freeze-dried meals have all the nutrition and flavor of Primal frozen diets your pet loves without the need for a freezer! 

Primal freeze-dried dog and cat food make raw feeding a breeze! 

The Primal Pet Food freeze-dried bags of food are shelf-stable and do not require freezing after opening. They are 100% complete and balanced just like Primal frozen diets. Each bag of Primal freeze-dried food contains easily breakable nuggets for convenient portioning. Simply add water, mix, and serve for a wholesome and delicious raw meal your pet will love! Both Primal frozen and freeze-dried diets are only made with premium-quality antibiotic and hormone-free meats that are humanely and sustainably-sourced. Primal freeze-dried food comes in the same variety of flavors as their frozen diets, including:

Primal’s wide range of flavors makes it perfect for rotational feeding. This gives your pet the nutritional benefits of eating a variety of proteins while also switching up their eating routine. Every recipe is formulated with freeze-dried raw meat, organ, ground bone, organic produce, and unrefined vitamins and minerals for your pet’s health and nutrition. Every bag is gently freeze-dried to ensure peak freshness and nutrition from the food source. 

The convenience of Primal freeze-dried food makes it great for times when you’re on-the-go with your furry friend! 

Primal freeze-dried shelf-stable bags makes them perfect for traveling, hiking, long car rides, and more! As long as you have a bag of Primal freeze-dried food, a bowl, and some water, you have a nutritious complete, and balanced raw meal for your pet at your fingertips! Primal freeze-dried food allows you to give your pet all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet without the requirement of a freezer! 

The versatility of Primal freeze-dried diets also makes it a great choice for your cat or dog! 

Freeze-dried isn’t limited to only standalone meals! Freeze-dried raw makes it a great meal topper or protein-rich snack! Crumble some over your pet’s meals for an extra boost of nutrition and flavor. Their easily breakable nuggets also make them a great protein-packed snack! Snap off a few bites as a snack or training reward. They’re also great for crumbling up and adding to interactive puzzle toys to keep your pet entertained and exercised! 

Like Primal frozen diets, Primal freeze-dried diets are also perfect for picky pets! 

Both dogs and cats can’t seem to resist the savory deliciousness of Primal freeze-dried food! My picky miniature dachshund, Bean loves Primal freeze-dried food! And the versatility of it makes him able to enjoy it in many different ways! He enjoys it as a complete and balanced meal, as a snack, and as a reward in his interactive puzzle toys! And since he’s small, Primal’s easily breakable freeze-dried nuggets make portioning easy! Their crumbly texture makes them perfect for hiding in his interactive puzzle toys. He has so much fun trying to figure out how to get the tasty treat out of the toy! Freeze-dried also makes a great training reward! Bean will do any trick he knows for a bite of Primal freeze-dried! If you also have a picky eater, Primal is the brand for you! Whether it’s freeze-dried or frozen, your furry friend won’t be able to turn down these flavorful recipes!

Primal also offers a line of high-protein freeze-dried cat & dog treats! 

Primal Liver Munchies are gently freeze-dried bites of pure liver for a healthy and delicious protein-rich treat! Primal always uses only the highest quality meats without any antibiotics or hormones that are both humanely and sustainably-sourced. These single-ingredient treats make them ideal for pets with food sensitivities or allergies. Their small bite-size makes them great for training or as a between-meal snack! Your pet will love the light crunch of these freeze-dried treats! Primal Liver Munchies come in:

Primal has a line of limited-ingredient jerky bites your pet will be drooling over! 

Primal’s Jerky Nibs are limited-ingredient jerky bites that satisfy your four-legged friend’s meaty cravings! Made with moist premium meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones. These easily digestible treats are also great for pets with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Their smaller size also makes them great for both training and snacking! High in protein for a flavorful and filling snack! Primal Jerky Nibs come in: 

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Raw Food Q & A 

To learn more about Primal’s freeze-dried raw diets, The Pet Beastro was able to conduct an informative question and answer segment with Michelle Hall, Territory Manager, Midwest Region from Primal Pet Foods. Below is The Pet Beastro’s interview with Michelle.

What are some various ways of using Primal freeze-dried? 

Freeze Dried is a complete diet and can be used as a meal, as a food topper, and as a treat. You can feed it as is or add moisture by adding Primals Bone Broth or Goat Milk

What was Primal’s purpose or goal of creating freeze-dried? 

To provide more options for the customer to feed or add raw to their pets’ diet. It is very convenient, shelf-stable, perfect for traveling, and is great for pets that are picky eaters - freeze-dried helps as a food enticer.

Are there any new freeze-dried flavors coming out in the future? 

Nothing I can officially talk about yet.

What makes Primal freeze-dried stand out among other freeze-dried brands?

 Quality! We currently use the highest quality, non-organic meats, game, and poultry available 

  • Only use Whole Foods ingredients
  • No synthetics – NOTHING sourced from China
  • All of our ingredients are human-grade.
  • We do not source from suppliers that use antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones at any point in the rearing of their livestock or poultry.
  • Our suppliers feed 100% vegetarian diets to their livestock, which are sustainably raised.
  • None of our suppliers incorporate the uses of cages or pens, and all of our livestock maintain access to open-air, shelter, food, and water.
  • All of the fish we use are wild-caught.

You can find the Country of Origin for every ingredient on the Quality Guarantee page of the Primal Pet Foods website.

​Our products incorporate essential vitamins and minerals through certified organic fruits and vegetables. You’ll never find synthetic supplements in our products...only unrefined, food-based nutrients to support immune, circulatory, and digestive health. If you visit our website Ingredient page and click on Unrefined Supplements then you can see the country of origin for the different ingredients. 

You can check out our large selection of Primal Pet Food & Treat products online or visit us in our Michigan store to learn more! 


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