Primal Frozen Raw Pet Food

Primal Frozen Raw Pet Food

Raw diets for your pet are the perfect way to feed a complete and balanced meal the way Mother Nature intended packed with fresh proteins. Primal Pet Foods offers both canine and feline frozen and freeze-dried raw diets for your pet’s health and wellness. From nuggets to patties to Pronto cubes, Primal has the diet to fit your pet’s needs.

Raw diets for your pet are the perfect way to feed your pet a complete and balanced meal the way Mother Nature intended. Since dogs and cats descend from carnivores, they are best suited to eat like carnivores. This means enjoying a nutritious and delicious meal packed with fresh proteins. Primal makes feeding your dog or cat a raw diet easy! Primal offers both canine and feline frozen and freeze-dried raw diets for your pet’s health and wellness. Primal diets also come in a variety of forms and sizes for convenient feeding. From nuggets to patties to Pronto cubes, Primal has the diet to fit your pet’s needs.

About Primal Pet Food Company

Primal Pet Food was founded in 2001 by owner Matt Koss to provide pets everywhere with the highest-quality and most nutritious raw pet food around. In the year 200, Matt’s beloved dog, Luna was showing early signs of renal failure. Not wanting to give up on his best friend, Matt took the advice of a holistic veterinarian who suggested he switch Luna to a raw diet along with raw meaty bones (also known as BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). This type of diet mimics how an animal would eat food in the wild. Not long after Matt put Luna on her new diet, he started to see dramatic results. Luna got her appetite back and had much more energy and overall happiness. After seeing his success with Luna, Matt wanted to share all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet with pets everywhere.

Why A Raw Diet Is Best For My Dog or Cat?

Primal frozen diets are the perfect way for your fur-baby to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet! Every recipe is packed with fresh raw proteins and wholesome produce to keep your pet full, energized, and healthy! Features pure meat, organ, ground bone, and organic produce along with unrefined vitamins and minerals. Ground bone is a great natural source of calcium to keep your pet's teeth and bones strong. Primal only uses humanely-raised meats that are free from antibiotics and steroids and sustainably-sourced ingredients from trusted vendors in all of their products to ensure your pet is getting the very best. All Primal products are also made in the USA for peak quality control. 

The Best Raw Diets For Dogs & Cats Are Balanced

All Primal raw diets are 100% complete and balanced for easy raw feeding. No chopping or mixing required! Simply thaw and serve! They come in a variety of sizes for your pet’s feeding needs. Primal offers frozen nuggets, patties, and Pronto cubes. Patties are best suited for larger pets, while the nuggets and Pronto cubes are perfect for smaller pets. 

Primal Raw Pet Food Flavors

Your pet will love the wide variety of mouth-watering flavors Primal has to offer! Each recipe is specially formulated with fresh raw meat, organ, ground bone, organic produce, and unrefined vitamins and minerals for your pet’s peak nutrition. Primal raw diets come in a range of flavors including:

  • beef, 
  • chicken, 
  • duck, 
  • lamb, 
  • pork, 
  • quail, 
  • rabbit, 
  • venison, 
  • and turkey & sardine. 

Primal’s variety of flavors makes it an ideal choice for rotational feeding. This ensures your pet never tires of their food while also giving them the nutritional benefits of consuming a variety of proteins.

Primal Nutritional Boosts For Your Dog or Cat

Not only does Primal offer raw frozen diets, but they have a line of frozen meal toppers, supplements, and raw meaty bones for extra nutrition. These are a great way to add a boost of nutrition, hydration, and flavor to your pet’s diet. For a frozen treat for your canine companion, Primal Frozen Raw Meaty Bones are the perfect way to reward your dog while promoting good oral hygiene! Raw bones are great for dental health! They gently scrape off plaque and tartar buildup for clean and strong teeth. They also help promote fresh breath. Raw meaty bones are also a great way to give your dog an extra source of protein to keep them energized throughout the day.

Primal Pet Food Is Power-Packed With Protein

For some extra protein, try adding some Primal Frozen Raw Toppers to your pet’s bowl. Primal Frozen Raw Toppers offer a Butcher’s Blend line and a Market Mix line. Butcher’s Blend is a pure protein topper. Features meat, organ, and ground bone to give your pet’s meal a protein-rich boost. Market Mix is also meat, organ, and ground bone, but with the addition of organic superfood produce rich in nutrients. Like their frozen diet, these toppers are as easy to feed as thawing and serving!

Primal Supplements For Cats & Dogs

Another great meal topper from Primal is their Edible Elixirs. These frozen supplements are full of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your fur-baby healthy. Edible Elixirs feature rich slow-simmered bone broth with added organic superfood produce for a meal booster that is bursting with nutrition and flavor. Edible Elixirs come in Winter Squash, Healthy Green Smoothie, and Omega Mussel Melange for your four-legged friend to enjoy! Winter Squash has butternut squash, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric for digestive support. Healthy Green Smoothie is packed full of superfood greens like kale and parsley for immune support. Omega Mussel Melange has pure mussel meat rich with omega-3 fatty acids along with glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joint health.

Primal Pet Hydration Options

If you’re looking to add extra hydration and nutrition to your furry friend’s diet, Primal also has a line of frozen liquid meal boosters. Primal’s Frozen Raw Goat Milk is the perfect nutritious and delicious supplement! Raw goat milk is full of essential vitamins and minerals for your pet’s health. Raw goat milk is also great for digestive, immune, joint, and skin and coat health. And your pet won’t be able to resist the rich creaminess of goat milk! Perfect for picky eaters! Primal offers plain raw goat milk along with flavor boosted raw goat milk, including Pumpkin Spice, Green Goodness, Blueberry Pom Burst, and Cranberry Blast. Pumpkin Spice features pumpkin and ginger for a strong immune and digestive system. Green Goodness has kale and quinoa for immune and digestive health. Blueberry Pom Burst features blueberry and pomegranate rich in antioxidants for immune and digestive support. Cranberry Blast has cranberry and apple cider vinegar for a healthy urinary tract. 

Primal Frozen Bone Broth is another great option for adding more hydration and nutrition to your pet’s diet. Primal Bone Broth is made from slow-simmered humanely-raised proteins to extract all the essential nutrients. It is then combined with fresh produce and herbs for a healthy and flavorful treat! Bone broth is great for digestive and immune health and supports strong joints. Bone broth can be served as is or as a tasty meal topper. Also perfect for rehydrating freeze-dried food! Primal Bone Broth comes in a variety of proteins, including Beef, Pork, Turkey, and Chicken.

Primal Frozen Diets Perfect for Picky Pets

Another reason to love Primal raw diets is that they’re ideal for picky eaters! Primal’s savory recipes are so delicious and flavorful, your pet won’t be able to resist them! My experience with Primal raw food has been a hit since day one with my puppy. My miniature dachshund Bean, who is now two years old, has loved Primal since day one! Being a dachshund, he has tendencies to be picky when it comes to food, but he has loved Primal since the moment I fed it to him when he was still a puppy. Ever since that day, Primal has been his absolute favorite raw food brand. Primal’s variety of flavors ensures he never tires of one flavor and is always getting the nutritional benefits of rotational feeding of proteins. Primal’s range of sizes also makes feeding a breeze. The Pronto cubes are the perfect size for his smaller mouth and the nuggets are easy to break apart after thawing for easy feeding. Having the option of feeding either frozen or freeze-dried is also great since he loves both. All of Primal’s various meal toppers and supplements also make adding extra flavor and nutrition to his meals easy and enjoyable. This allows him to have continuous variety in his diet. If you have a picky pet, Primal is the perfect brand for your furry friend to try! Grab a bag today and see for yourself how irresistible Primal raw diets are!

Primal Complete & Balanced Diets For Your Cat Or Dog

From complete and balanced diets to supplements and dental bones, Primal Pet Food has the perfect raw frozen product for your pet! Browse all of Primal’s premium products in-store or online to find the right product for your fur-baby to enjoy!


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