Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Options For Cats & Dogs

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Options For Cats & Dogs

The Primal Pet Foods freeze-dried formulas are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 when preparing right in your dog or cat's bowl. These formulas are going to be the closest to raw food options without being raw.

The Primal Pet Foods freeze-dried formulas are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 when preparing right in your dog and cat's bowl. Primal suggests using the freeze-dried in many different ways to enhance or build your pet's bowl with their finest and healthiest ingredients. For simple rehydration of the food, simply crush the freeze-dried nugget, add water, broth, or goat milk equivalent to 1 tablespoon of liquid per nugget used. Mix and serve. Even the pickiest of pups and kitties seem to enjoy the taste of a complete freeze-dried meal.


What Is Freeze-Dried Pet Food?

The freeze-dried formulas are going to be the closest to raw food options without being a raw diet. Primal takes their frozen raw formulas, shapes the nuggets, and then applies the freeze-drying process by removing the moisture and preserving the nutrients without any cooking process. Dogs and cats need moisture but we also understand that picky pets prefer to eat these nuggets in their dry state. There is no right way or wrong way to feed the freeze-dried but we recommend having water, bone broth, or goat's milk available when feeding it dry.

Wondering How To Incorporate Freeze Dried Food Into Your Pet's Bowl?

Although Primal freeze-dried is a complete and balanced meal, there are several more ways to use this type of pet food.

  • You can crumble it over meals to enhance your pet's meal (especially for picky pups!),
  • great for traveling if you are a raw feeder,
  • fun to stuff into interactive toys,
  • can be sprinkled on top of enrichment mats,
  • an awesome way to add nutrients to current meals,
  • or used at a high-value jackpot treat for your cat or dog.

This is a shelf-stable product that does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, and is ready to serve right out of the bag, and can save space in the freezer. Each freeze-dried protein is made with high-quality meat that is responsibly sourced, organically produced, has no synthetic vitamins, and is made in the USA. We also love that there are no hidden ingredients to any of the formulas and exclude ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Primal chooses fresh whole food ingredients that provide bioavailability and easy digestibility for sensitive stomachs.

How To Start Feeding Freeze-Dried To Your Dog Or Cat

Maybe knowing a bit about food energetics can help you make your first choice? When following food energetics, we look at the unique approach from Traditional Chinese Medicine to guide us in how food metabolizes, digests, and makes us feel once the food has been ingested. Many of us innately eat this way without even realizing it. We crave savory broths, stews, and soups in the cold winter months while enjoying salads, melons, and grilled foods for the hot summer months. With our pets, we can help soothe healthy conditions, digestive upset, allergies, arthritis, and other ailments when choosing supportive proteins. You can also look at the constitution of your pet and if they prefer warm or cold environments to help choose your pet's best option. With the flavors listed below, we have labeled the corresponding food energetics listed next to each protein.

Freeze Dried Dog Flavors:

Freeze-Dried Cat Flavors:

Primal Pet Food is always being innovative and keeping your pet in mind first with healthy, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. We are excited for new freeze-dried Primal Pet Food options in 2022. If you have further questions about Primal Freeze-dried for your cat or dog, any one of our staff members can help you find the right option for your pets, just visit our retail store in Madison Heights, Michigan to learn more or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store online to learn more.


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