Raw Food For Cats

Raw Food For Cats

Some raw is better than no raw! Learn more about the health benefits of incorporating even small amounts of raw to your cat's diet!

Changing your cat’s diet might be the farthest thing from your mind in the way of New Year's resolutions but I’m here to tell you that it's a great change to consider making for your pet.

Have you ever thought you'd like to give your cat more fresh meat ingredients and less kibble? We imagine that if we start a battle within the home of fresh meat or canned food that our cats will never leave us alone and will constantly beg for food. This happens with kibble as well when you begin to give your cats timed feeding instead of the all-day buffet.

Health Benefits

Cats thrive on and need the added moisture within their food that dry food or kibble doesn’t provide. The highest moisture content in dry food is approximately 10%. Any moisture higher than this number will not produce a shelf-stable product and the kibble pieces would be moldy before you get the bag home to feed it. With raw food, the moisture content dramatically increases to above 70% or more.

Moisture is very important for cats staying hydrated as well as supporting a healthy urinary system. We have seen cats that have chronic urinary issues (crystals, infections, blockages, dribbling, etc.) have dramatic improvements when fed a raw diet.

Dry skin, dander, dull coats, excessive licking, and daily vomiting of hairballs will all improve with a raw diet. Many times when people have “allergies” or histamine reactions to cats, it might be our own immune system but improving a cat’s diet can improve how a person reacts to being around raw-fed cats with fewer symptoms present.

And let me tell you the #1 comment we hear from customers who make the change… their cats poop doesn’t smell! Say what? No smell!? It’s true. Personal experience here, we have six cats and, honestly, I don’t know when they do their business. The smell is dramatically decreased over what stool smells like from kibble or canned food.

Why Raw Food?

We often hear the following statements when owners switch their cat's food:

  • “Their fur is so soft and shiny.”
  • “They love their new food”
  • “They have lost weight.”
  • “They have more energy and are more active”
  • “Their overall health has improved”
  • “No more urinary crystals or infections”
  • “Improved dental health”
  • “I was able to stabilize my diabetic cat”

What brand should I choose?

At The Pet Beastro, we carry many different brands of raw for cats and dogs. Every cat is different and many have a preference. The preferences may vary based on texture, flavor, amount of moisture, lack of produce, and many more. It is always great to add different protein varieties, brands, and textures throughout the month to help keep your cat interested without getting stuck on one protein and one brand. If you have the time and ability, you can even make your own cat food at home. It is best to follow a recipe to make a balanced raw diet for cats as feeding just ground meat from the grocery storewill not be sufficient for long-term health.

Why is raw overlooked?

Most often we help desperate pet owners’ transition to better food because it’s the last thing they have left to change when, in reality, it should be the first!! Any time an ailment, disease, or diagnosis has been made, nutrition and diet should be the first change. In modern medicine, food and nutrition are not viewed “as medicine” but rather an afterthought. The basics are often overlooked as we get ourselves wrapped into the disorientation of disease. This is about the same time our mind enters “fear”.

Fear can lead us down a scary path as we often don’t want to enter the emotional space of a diagnosis. Many times we refer to the word “fear” as False Expectations Appearing Real. We have more and more veterinarians coming around to supporting raw feeders and those who want to try a raw diet with their pets. We applaud those veterinarians who support the raw feeding community and avoid coming from a place a fear when we mention an unknown territory of nutrition in the examination room.

When we get right down to it, don’t forget, some raw is better than no raw! It might be as simple as incorporating raw goat’s milk as maybe that is all your finicky feline or schedule will allow. Goat’s milk is an easy addition by putting it in a bowl as a treat or pouring a small amount into your cat's dry food at feeding time. Some kitties will only allow you to incorporate a small amount (sometimes miniscule portions) of raw with canned food. This is still a great option for those who won’t tolerate a full raw diet. Over time you may be able to increase the amount for a greater portion of raw mixed into canned food. For those kitties who jump right in and love raw, you can try whole raw chicken necks and whole organ pieces (hearts, gizzards, livers, etc.) to help with dental health and chewing needs. The possibilities are endless. I know your kitty will thank you for it with a long, healthy life.

If you have questions about feeding raw, ask us for more information during the next time you stop by. Or check out our Raw Feeding For Cats & Dogs Support Group Facebook page to connect with like-minded folks and check in with us on ideas for feeding raw!


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