In-Store Shopping At The Pet Beastro

In-Store Shopping At The Pet Beastro

Our natural pet food, treat, and supply store is located in Metro Detroit. When visiting our store, please follow the signage and safety procedures to help keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 precautions. Curbside Pick up, Local Delivery, and 3rd Party Shipping is also available.

During Covid-19 We are asking you to follow certain social distancing precautions and We have some new in-store signage. Learn more about our Coronavirus response here. 

  • You're going to see that I have one door that's going to be an entry door one door that's going to be strictly an exit door.
  • We are limiting customers to six at a time in the store.
  • Face coverings are required, just to help protect you and me. We are also going to be wearing face masks as well. We do have an employee who does have chronic pulmonary issues so we are just trying to keep everybody safe and respect everyone's choice to wear a mask as well.
  • We are asking everyone to social distance at six feet apart.
  • You're gonna see some new signs in aisles as well.
  • We are also going to have some signage at the checkout marking and indicating a minimum of six feet apart so you guys know where to stand at checkout so you're not encroaching on somebody else's space when we're checking out.

Cleaning & Safety Procedures

We clean our store rigorously. In addition:

  • We sanitize our countertop area in between customers as one person checks out we're going to flip flop registers to make sure that we can sanitize the area, and have it cleaned.
  • If there is somebody in our store that is for some reason not able to wear a mask and they're doing some shopping and you don't feel comfortable you are still welcome to give us a call and we can help you from the car, or you can also wait until that customer is done and then come into the store afterward.
  • You're always welcome to call for curbside. Order online at Online shopping is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you have any symptoms, if you work within an essential work field, such as a hospital or grocery store or somewhere else that you feel like you might have been exposed, and don't feel like coming into the store, we totally respect that. And we appreciate you being thoughtful about that. Please give us a call. Let us help you out. Let us deliver to your home, or even bring it out to your car and do curbside pick up.

Store Hours

We are here Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Local Pet Food, Treats & Supply Delivery, Curbside Pickup & 3rd Party Shipping Available

We offer same-day local delivery starting at $3. We're still going to have curbside pickup as well so if you don't feel comfortable coming into the store, or we're past our limit of six customers you are still able to choose those options.

Thank You!

We really appreciate everybody's support. We're ever so grateful to you for continuing to think about us and ordering, whether it's delivery or curbside, telling your neighbors about us and we're really really grateful for our community and our pet parents who continue to support The Pet Beastro. 


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