Should I Leash Walk My Cat?

Should I Leash Walk My Cat?

Does your cat try to dart out the door the second the front door opens? Lupine collars, leashes, and harnesses let our cats and dogs enjoy nature. Try the safe way to walk your pet outside.

Does your cat try to dart outside the second the front door opens or sit on window sills and longingly look outside? Lupine collars, leashes, and harnesses have your furry friends back when it comes to a safe way to let our cats and dogs enjoy nature. 

Benefits Of Taking Your Cat Outside

Just like for our pups, taking your cat on walks can be mentally stimulating as well as great exercise. Walks and adventures can also be a tiring activity for our feline friends so if you've got a hyper young kitty maybe try a walk around the block or a trip to the park.

Three Easy Tips To Start Leash Walking A Cat

best walking harness for cats1. When first taking your cat outside on a supervised walk, you will want to be aware of your surroundings and be with your kitty at all times. Walking a cat is vastly different than walking a dog outside. The smallest, or loudest noises can scare them, and many things from the environment can be a trigger for cats. From cars driving in the neighborhood, to a creaking garage door opening, or a random firework being set off, these are all reasons that may deter a positive experience outside. It is best to have a secure leash and allow them to take their time for adjusting. This may result in you hanging out with your kitty in your backyard at one spot for 15 minutes on the first trial. As they become more comfortable it will result in longer outdoor periods and fewer sounds that will scare them. Make sure to do a quick self-check-in. If you are stressed about the situation, most likely your kitty will pick up on your emotions. You may need to limit to shorter outdoor times until you are both comfortable.

2. You may even want to start with a trial walk indoors. Having your cat wear a harness isn’t something they are used to or are familiar with wearing. Cats will tend to try and “back out” of the harness which results in them acting like they can’t move or walking backward. This is a result of the new feeling. Many cats get past this point when they realize that many benefits of the outdoors are around the corner. Another way to get them past the frozen stance is to get them involved with their favorite wand toy. This engagement will help them to move past the fact that they are now wearing a harness. Treats can also be helpful if your kitty is food motivated.

3. If you feel like your cat is going to be a door-dasher if you start taking them outside, one trick that seems to help is for you to physically carry them outside rather than letting them walk outside. We always pick up our cat to go out the door. This seems to have created an invisible boundary that when we leave the house they don’t run to the door as if they are missing out. 

Best Cat Harness For Leash Walking

Our favorite is the Lupine’s H-style cat harness which is designed to keep even the most crafty escape artists safe and secure. Even when just looking out a window our kitties look for birds, squirrels, and any small animal to play with. When you take your cat out with a harness and leash this assures that they still get to watch and hunt without actually catching and hurting any wildlife. For safety purposes, you don’t want to walk your cat with just a collar. Most cat collars have a safety breakaway clasp that isn’t common with dog collars. This could result in your cat making an escape. 

Each Lupine H-Style harness is made with soft and durable nylon. Even though they are made to be tough, our feline friends find ways to scratch or bite up their leashes. When you shop for Lupine leashes and harnesses you don't have to stress if your furry friend scratches or bites through their harness because every Lupine product you purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

If you're thinking about spending some quality time with your cat outside, stop by and pick up a new harness and leash at our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan, or via our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies store online! Once you get your cat acclimated to being outside, the adventures are endless!


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