Stella & Chewy’s Healthy Dog & Cat Food Options

Stella & Chewy’s Healthy Dog & Cat Food Options

Interested in incorporating raw pet food into your cat or dog’s diet but didn’t know where to start? Stella and Chewy’s is a fan favorite at The Pet Beastro. Find out more about the variety of different products they have here.

Have you ever been interested in incorporating raw pet food into your cat or dog’s diet but didn’t know where to start? Stella and Chewy’s is a fan favorite at The Pet Beastro and a great way to start adding raw at your own pace, especially for newcomers! They offer a variety of different products to help pet parents offer fun bowls and fresh food to any diet!

The History of Stella & Chewys Pet Food

Finding the perfect safe and natural pet food for your fur-iends can be difficult. Stella & Chewy’s has made it a lot easier for pet parents. Whether you feed raw, freeze-dried, canned, or kibble, Stella &Chewy’s has carefully designed natural pet food options for every cat and dog lifestyle. Since 2003, Marie Moody has worked to provide quality food to better our pets. She started the company out of her 600 square foot apartment to better the lives of pets by providing a complete and nutritious raw diet. Marie’s passion for the pet food industry began when she adopted her pups, Stella and Chewy. Chewy suffered from an autoimmune disorder and with the advice from her veterinarian, Marie began feeding a raw diet to aid in his recovery. When she began seeing great results with Chewy, Marie decided to pursue her passion of providing one of the first-ever complete and balanced raw diets to the residents of New York. The company quickly began growing bigger and bigger as they added more options other than just a raw diet and are now the only pet food manufacturer to produce raw, freeze-dried, and oven-baked kibble under the same roof.

The Stella & Chewy’s Natural Pet Food Difference 

Stella & Chewy's strives to be transparent with customers. They responsibly source their organic ingredients from Australia and New Zealand, North and South America, Europe, and Japan. Stella & Chewy’s also promises that the protein sources have never been exposed to added hormones or antibiotics. Red meats are grass-fed, poultry is cage-free, fish are wild-caught, and rabbits are farm-raised. Natural pet food doesn’t get much better than that! They also assure that no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors are ever added to any of their products. 

Raw Pet Food Safety

Stella & Chewy’s is passionate about pet nutrition. Because of this, a few extra steps are taken to ensure the quality and safety of their products. Stella & Chewy’s utilizes the High-Pressure Processing method, also known as HPP, to make sure any harmful bacteria stay away from our pets' bowls. During this process, the raw pet food diets are placed into a human-grade nylon bag and exposed to 87,000 lbs of water pressure for three minutes, and then shut off. This allows any harmful pathogens to be exposed to decompression sickness, therefore, rupturing the cell walls deactivating them. While the HPP process kills bad bacteria, it leaves the good bacteria behind for our pets to consume through their raw diets. 

Stella & Chewy’s promise of transparency allows customers to enter lot numbers from products purchased to see the data analysis of the testing. This allows customers to see exactly how the product was made and tested.  

Stella & Chewy’s Gives Back Via The Journey Home Fund

As a way to give back to their communities, Stella & Chewy’s created the Journey Home Fund, which brings awareness to the adoption of adult and senior pets and helps support shelters around the country with donations. This inspiration stemmed from Marie adopting both Stella & Chewy well into their years of adulthood. To date, the company has donated over 1,500,000 dog and cat meals to shelter pets, helped over 675 adult and senior dogs find their forever homes, and covered over $150,000 in adoption fees. Both Stella and Chewy’s adoptions inspired 128 different products within a large company dedicated to the wellbeing of dogs and cats. 

To shop the Stella & Chewy’s pet food product line be sure to stop in our Madison Heights, Michigan store or via our online natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store. Our knowledgeable pet food specialists and certified raw food associates are more than happy to answer questions about this fan-favorite brand and dog and cat diets in general! Or call us at (248) 548-3448. 


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