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Giving Back On Earth Day

Giving Back On Earth Day Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd. Here at The Pet Beastro, we are mindful of what steps we can continually take to support recycling efforts, what products we offer that draw from the natural ingredients the earth has to offer such as herbs and oils, and what companies we work with, choosing those that hold the same values and commitment to supporting our planet we do.

Earth Day Beginnings

Earth Day Beginnings Earth Day is a global holiday held every year on April 22 that's designed to bring about environmental awareness, and this year marks the 46th year of celebration. Its original aim was to create a mass environmental movement to inspire, change and challenge ideas, ignite earthly passions, and motivate people to clean up our planet.

Spring Health Awareness and Earthy Goodness

Spring Health Awareness and Earthy Goodness The end of March brings forth spring and its companion the Worm Moon. The Native Americans used this moon to track the seasons as they change through the year. They knew that as the earth softened for sowing, the worms would be at their most active, finally able to stretch out after the winter chill.

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