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Natural Pet Food Options

Natural Pet Food Options Just because a pet food is labeled as "natural," doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy (or even safe!) for your animal. We've seen many products that claim to be natural despite being made with questionable ingredients. So why are these products even allowed to be labeled as "natural?" It turns out that the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)’s interpretation of "natural" leaves a lot of room for interpretation:

Farmina, Natural & Delicious

Farmina, Natural & Delicious Add a little international flair to your pet's diet! Farmina has been been a trusted producer of pet food for over 55 years in Italy. Listen to Farmina representative David Zing share more about what makes them stand out in the market and the natural and delicious options available for your dog... and soon cat, as well!

A Healthy Start with Herbsmith, Inc.

A Healthy Start with Herbsmith, Inc. Supplements are an often overlooked vital part of a pet's diet; helping to complete and support their daily food consumption to ensure a healthy and balanced intake of nutrients. Herbsmith is one of our pet supplement partners here at The Pet Beastro and we are excited to be featuring them this month.

Fussie Cat Loves Meat!

Fussie Cat Loves Meat! Fussie Cat loves to say cats make terrible vegans! And it's true. Cats are meat lovers, true carnivores, so that's why you'll find meat listed first in every recipe. Boneless chicken, duck, tuna, shrimp and prawns coupled with the vitamins, minerals and supplements your pet needs, results in Physiologically Tuned™ nutrition rich in animal proteins and jam-packed with flavor.