What To Expect at a Repatterning Session

What To Expect at a Repatterning Session

If you're curious what to expect at a repatterning session, read more from Laura Franco for an idea of how treatments begin.

When I sit down to think about what can happen when someone sits for a Resonance Repatterning session, it can be hard to explain.  Anything is truly possible.  Although human and animal repatterning sessions are very similar, no two sessions are alike. The only difference for an animal session is you are a proxy for your animal's energy.  Anytime a question or statement comes up, it is about your animal, not you. 

Muscle Checking

When you sit for a repatterning session, the first thing we do is muscle check to determine where to begin. Muscle checking, which some practitioners also call muscle testing, applied kinesiology or muscle strength testing, is what we use during a Resonance Repatterning session to tell us whether your body-mind frequency is resonating with a statement (ON) or not resonating with a statement (OFF).  When we muscle check for a Key from the Mandala, or a statement during a session, we are accessing the autonomic nervous system to give a reflex "on" response or a reflex "off" response. 
I have over 40+ repatterning sessions to work from, your energy always guides me where to go.  Once my book is opened to your chosen repattern, we begin. Sometimes there are questions for you to answer, other times there will be statements I will be muscle checking you for.  All of this is guided by you, your energy tells us where we go next for the session.

Energizing Options 

Once we are through all the questions and statements, I muscle check to see what you will need to shift all the energy from the session.  I have over 127 Energizing Options to choose from!!  Everything that is chosen is done by muscle checking, your energy is always guiding us where we need to go.  While you are doing your energizing option, I am muscle checking for completion.  This is when your energy is telling me you are complete.


After the energizing option is complete, we take a nice deep breath, drink some water and go back through the session to make sure all of your statements have shifted.  Sometimes a statement doesn't shift on the first go around, but we go back through and check again.  Sometimes our energy needs to hear one statement cleared before it will clear another one.  This is what is so beautiful about the sessions, I can't tell you what will happen or how it will go.  Your energy is the guide.
I have added Past Life Repatterning to my list of sessions which adds one more session on top of the 40+ I already choose from.  When working with past lives, I use muscle checking to help you clear any vows you may have taken during that past life and also to write new vows.  If you are interested in a past life repatterning please tell me before our session, this helps me to guide the session appropriately for the past life to come in.
I am available on Fridays 6:30 - 9 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at The Pet Beastro.  I offer Resonance Repatterning for humans and animals.  If you are interested in a Resonance Repatterning session, you can call the store or go online to book an appointment.  I do offer a discount if you book a human and animal repatterning session at the same time.  I look forward to helping you on your path to healing!


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