Who Benefits From Resonance Repatterning?

Who Benefits From Resonance Repatterning?

If you're just learning about Resonance Repatterning and wondering who would benefit from sessions, the answer is simple - YOU! 

I believe everyone can benefit from receiving Resonance Repatterning sessions.  We all have events or things that have been said to us that have shaped who we are.  The things that were said and done when we were children are the things that have stuck with us and affected who we have become.  Even events or words that have been said to us now can still create non-coherent energy within us.  
If every day as a child we were told we were not good enough, that is something that even subconsciously is with you now.  You may not even realize it at this moment but being told that could be creating some anxiety or fear you have in your life.  If every day we yell at our animal and tell them they are not good enough, your animal hears you and now has non-coherent energy created as a result which may lead to some kind of problem, fear or anxiety within them.  Your energy and your animal's energy resonates with these words and actions.
If you can think back to something that was said to you or an event that happened as a child and justify the word or action that is the adult-you justifying it.  Now think back to your child-self, they were not able to justify the action, they didn't understand why it was being said or done. If the word or action happened between the ages of 0-5 years old that affects you even deeper because your child-self thought it was their fault, that you caused it!  Imagine the pain the child was feeling and remember that child still lives within you. 
Puppies and kittens can have this same trauma happen.  Imagine a puppy that was starving and was taken from its litter. The energy from that situation can still resonate with them and now as an adult, they may have some anxiety happening in their life or it could be manifesting in another way.
I recently added couples/groups/relationships to my list of sessions being offered.  We all as individuals have energy, but as a group, we also have energy together.  We can work together during a Resonance Repatterning session to bring your energy together so you both resonate with coherent/positive energy allowing you to live a more Spiral Up! life.  Group sessions are for people and/or animals.
I offer Resonance Repatterning sessions on Fridays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am (except the 2nd Saturday of each month).  You can call the store or book online for an appointment.


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