ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food & Treats

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Pet Food & Treats

ZiwiPeak air-dried dog and cat food spoils your pet with the very best in dry pet food. Find out more about their complete and balanced meals in our blog.

Spoil your pet with the very best in dry pet food with ZiwiPeak air-dried dog and cat food! ZiwiPeak offers premium-quality dry pet food that is gently air-dried for optimum flavor and nutrition. Their formulas feature whole-prey diets using PeakPrey™ ratios to mimic how your pet would eat in the wild. These complete and balanced meals are made with 96% meat, organ, and bone with added green-lipped mussels as a source of glucosamine!  

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Air Dried Pet Food

ZiwiPeak uses Z-TWINTECH™ air-drying technology to preserve the raw ingredients and nutrition while also making it extra palatable. All meats are free from antibiotics and hormones and free-range. Only made with ethically and sustainably sourced GMO-free ingredients from New Zealand. All ZiwiPeak products are free from any artificial additives and use no sugars, grains, or glycerines. ZiwiPeak is a great ready-to-serve raw pet food alternative that makes it the perfect meal for all life stages, a tasty topper, or a healthy treat! 

Air Dried Raw Dog & Cat Food

ZiwiPeak’s dog and cat food uses a gentle air-drying process that locks in all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet while creating a shelf-stable product. These bags of air-dried pet food are perfect for traveling, hiking, car rides, and more! As long as you have a bag of ZiwiPeak, you have a delicious complete, and balanced meal for your furry friend!

Air Dried Dog Treats

ZiwiPeak doesn’t only offer air-dried meals, but treats as well! Like their air-dried diets, the Good Dog Rewards dog treat line preserves all the nutritional benefits from the food source for a healthy and flavorful snack. Their irresistible flavor makes them a great high-value training reward. 

Dog Chews That Help Clean Teeth & Gums

ZiwiPeak also offers a variety of dog chews to help keep your pup’s teeth and gums clean. Gnawing on chews, such as a venison shank, lamb trachea or venison tripe help scrape away plaque and tartar buildup for a healthy mouth!

Additionally, ZiwiPeak’s versatility of air-dried diets and treats makes their products a great option for pet parents that have picky eaters. From finicky felines to picky pups, ZiwiPeak’s meaty recipes are irresistible! My picky miniature dachshund, Bean can never resist the meaty flavor of ZiwiPeak! He loves the Good Dog Rewards treats as well as their complete and balanced diets. I love the versatility of the air-dried diets. It allows me to serve it as a meal or a few bites as a high-protein snack. I will also use a few bites of the air-dried diets for training. Bean loves getting it as a reward for completing a trick or task! The small size of the meals and the treats makes it easy for him to eat since he’s a small breed. 

From complete and balanced air-dried meals to limited-ingredient meaty treats, ZiwiPeak is sure to please your pet! ZiwiPeak offers premium-quality pet food and treats for both dog and cat owners. Stop by in-store or online pet food, treat and supply store to browse all the amazing products ZiwiPeak has to offer!


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