15 Years Of Pawsome Memories & Looking Forward To The Future With Our Cat And Dog Customers! 

15 Years Of Pawsome Memories & Looking Forward To The Future With Our Cat And Dog Customers! 

Throughout the past 15 years, The Pet Beastro has grown into the store you now know and love. Take a look inside to see what has helped shape us into your go-to pet food store.

15 Year Anniversary Milestone

The universe always has just the right amount of items in-store as we travel on our journey earthside. Over the years, we have expanded and experienced differences and difficulties that we have had to overcome both personally and professionally. And we have grown and met some amazing customers along the way. We are truly humbled by your loyalty and love! 

Looking Back: 

There have been so many projects that have happened over the years that have established our place in the pet retail industry. Let’s take a journey from the beginning. 


Sasha, Dr. Jill’s first dog was a husky when she lived on her own. While she had pets growing up, they were out on our own together, Sasha became an integral responsibility and their bond was deep. 


Jill adopted her first Greyhound. She quickly got involved with Greyhound rescue (She had her first foster within 30 days of her adoption) and had many fosters in her home thereafter.


Jill had a friend tell her about Oma’s Pride. She had already been familiar with raw feeding as she turned to fresh foods with my family Yorkie that had cancer. Learn more about how we got started here.


Jill’s first order of Oma’s Pride raw food was delivered in the spring to her home. She started her business out of her basement to help bring a product to our community for other pet parents plus to feed her own growing four-legged crew. It didn’t take long before She had some very committed and regular customers. A few of those customers still shop with us today! (Jessica, Terri, Susan, Angie - you know who you are - thank you!) :-)


We opened a small 600 square foot store in October that was inside another business to see if people were interested in our fresh/raw offerings. On top of interest, it was also 2007-2008 when the housing market crash was happening and Jill wasn’t too sure how pet parents would respond. Oma’s Pride had already given us a customer base and it only grew from there. Jill quit her graphic design job and The Pet Beastro became her full time (and then some) career. 


Dr. Jill met Dr. Glen Dupree and attended his first homeopathic weekend. This ignited her passion for natural health and how it can be used for our furry friends and not just humans.


In January, we moved into our current location. We can’t believe we have been here for almost 11 years already! Time really does fly by when you are having fun. We moved into Farnum Plaza with just 1200 square feet but this was doubling our previous space. Jill also began my Naturopathic education courses to attain her doctorate in October 2010 after a stint of several months as the only employee at the store.


We began our expansion to double in size again to 2400 square feet. And The Pet Beastro Promise became clear. 


The expanded space was finished in May 2013 with the addition of our amazing large raw freezer. We even hosted a “Meat & Greet.” This allowed us to bring in more brands of raw food with extra storage space. 


We added new wellness services which included nutrition consults, animal chiropractic services, and supplement health plans.  


The opportunity to expand one more time at our current location to 3600 square feet happened when another business moved. We continued to support and add new brands that met our Beastro Promise. We also began to support our local K-9 units with complimentary food, treats, supplements, animal chiropractic services to keep these awesome working dogs in great shape.  


We rebranded and revamped our online store and began the process of loading all of our in-store products and inventory onto our online store for ease of shopping. This allowed us to ship throughout the contiguous United States. We also added a customer loyalty program and automated our frequent buyer program to help our best customers earn credits and products! We wanted to reward so many customers for their ongoing support of our local store! 


We needed more space but couldn’t expand so instead completed a store remodel. This update and refresh gave us more linear square footage to put more product on the shelf and stock more of your favorite items. In addition, the environment has always been super important to us. Which made us launch our recyclable bag program to reduce single-use plastics. Saving over 30,000 a year! 


We launched our monthly free treat cup or catnip tin refill program for our loyalty members. Just another way to say thank you to all our loyal customers! 


2020 has been one of those years that has tried to break our spirit but failed. The Pet Beastro staff stood strong and gave gratitude to our customers who supported us along with the new customers who have discovered us during the pandemic. We have had to pivot quickly to be able to accommodate our staff’s needs, as well as our customers’ needs. At the beginning of the year, we launched our local delivery service. Call it manifestation or the lucky stars aligning, but the delivery van had been in the works for about 12 months prior to its launch. It just so happens that our timing was impeccable. We had all operations for delivery set when we returned from our trade show in February. While we were away, the van was wrapped. That was the last piece that we needed in order to launch our local delivery service to our pawsome customers. When panic buying began and the country slowly shuttered we had an easy means of getting food and products to your furry friends! We even offered it at no charge to help out the community!  No need to worry, once the pandemic simmers down...delivery is here to stay!  We also planted over 2426 trees to help offset our local delivery van carbon emissions. 


Through all these years, we have been truly blessed and able to support our community and hundreds of rescues and organizations with food, cash donations, and giveaways. On this incredible journey, we have hosted several events, offered loads of education on pet nutrition, and helped pet parents understand animal wellness. Along the way, we have met plenty of people with “glass half empty” attitudes. We thank them. These people have put a raging fire in our belly to succeed. We have also met some truly amazing and inspiring people. And we are so thankful for the thousands of adorable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens we have helped to feed and take care of. Learn more about our store here. 

Looking Forward: 

We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings as we continue to grow. The past 15 years have been nothing short of learning and lessons and we look forward to the next 15 years of developing our passion for cat and dog nutrition and wellness and helping you feed better so that your pets feel healthier and live longer.


  1. Rosalind Folman Rosalind Folman

    Congrats Jill & Louis,

    I so enjoyed travelling down memory lane with you, as Snazzie & I were there from the beginning. I adopted Snaz in july 2005 & discovered you & Oma's pride a month later. so glad I did. You two have been great to us all these years and we so appreciate it. Hope the next 15 years are even better with your success continuing to grow.


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