2021 Is The Time To Feed Your Pet Better, So They Feel Healthier & May Live Longer.

2021 Is The Time To Feed Your Pet Better, So They Feel Healthier & May Live Longer.

We firmly believe that if you feed better, your pet will feel healthier, and they may live longer. We all want as much time as possible with our furry loved ones. Check out our blog here for more details.

Happy 2021! The New Year usually comes with a resolution, goal, or a positive habit that we would like to continue throughout the year that positively impacts us and our pets. At The Pet Beastro, we firmly believe that if you feed better, your pet will feel healthier, which may result in them living longer. We all want as much time as possible with our furry loved ones. 

How To Feed My Dog Or Cat Healthier 

  1. Start with your pets’ nutritional needs and upgrade what goes in their bowl. We understand that when first starting out this may be a new concept, changes in lifestyle, intimidating, and generally a different way of thinking about your pets’ health. It can be overwhelming walking down our frozen raw pet food aisle (It's the largest in Michigan) and to consider a food change or switching up your routine. If we stop and think about it, we can put this in perspective from a human standpoint. Could you imagine if every day, twice daily, we were given a dry, processed cereal, without the niceties of milk as our food option? I would say by about day three, we would be searching for a change in routine or a new flavor of cereal. You might find the rare exuberant human that would let this go longer than three days and still be excited about eating the same dry cereal day in and day out would be rare. We hear often that when fresh food is added to the bowl: 
    1. pets take an added interest in their meal times. 
    2. Picky dogs become excited to eat.
      Cats have fewer digestive issues. 
    3. Dogs have better skin & coat. 
    4. Cats get more energy for playtime. 
    5. Dogs have less gas. 
    6. Cats have better eating habits. 

The list of improvements goes on and the testimonials from customers are substantial. 

3 Easy Ways To Start Improving My Pet’s Diet

You can start simple. 

  1. You can continue to feed dry food to your cat or dog but consider the addition of goat milk. Depending on your pet's liking, you can add this either with the dry food or as a side dish. You can start with a small amount and increase to the recommended amount or more. You can’t overdue goat milk. We have goat milk that varies from small to large in size and some varieties that are flavored to help with immunity, digestion, or urinary health. At any amount, goat milk is a great way to start adding a fresh component to your pet's bowl.
  2. Mix-ins, elixirs, and toppers could be the next step to elevating your pet's mealtime. These options are meant to be combined with dry food as they add moisture, fiber, and nutrients from whole food sources. They often have added benefits such as immune-boosting, joint support, and digestive support while making mealtime fun.
  3. We have raw pet food options that range from complete & balanced, to toppers with simplified ingredients to brands that support DIY raw feeders. If this is a new idea or concept for your and your pet or you are looking for a cost-effective option, we would recommend you start with the toppers. Most dogs and cats can handle up to 30% fresh food mixed into their dry food without any digestive complaints. Again, that amount may need to be adjusted depending on your pet's needs and sensitivities.

Why Raw Pet Food Matters

Our famous saying is “Some raw is better than no raw”. You could even incorporate just a few raw feedings weekly to help with your pet's overall health. Varying raw proteins to give your pet variety to keep them interested in mealtime can be beneficial as well. 

We have a whole list of benefits that we hear from pet parents who incorporate fresh food into their pet's diet.

  • More energy, better temperament.
  • Less gas, better stools, less smell.
  • Improved skin & coat. 
  • Decreased eye discharge, brighter, clear eyes.
  • Improved weight - rather its weight loss or weight/muscle gain.
  • Better breath, improved teeth & oral health.
  • Picky pups have improved appetite.
  • Decreased IBD complaints.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Decreased allergies, skin inflammation, and ear infections.
  • Overall wellness improvements.

How can we help you make adding fresh food to your pet's diet a part of your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you aren’t sure where to start or feel overwhelmed, you may want to set up a Nutrition Consult with one of our team members. They can guide you with suggestions and find a solution that fits your pet's needs and your budget. Or check out more blogs on feeding your pet a raw diet here


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