Bixbi Freeze-Dried Rawbble & Treats

Bixbi Freeze-Dried Rawbble & Treats

Are you looking for new ways to introduce raw into your pet's diet? Bixbi Rawbble makes adding some nutritious raw into your furry friend’s diet convenient and enjoyable with raw-coated kibble, freeze-dried raw, and freeze-dried raw treats in a variety of flavors.

With all the pet food options available, Bixbi Rawbble makes adding some nutritious raw into your furry friend’s diet convenient and enjoyable! Bixbi offers a variety of raw-coated kibble, freeze-dried raw, and freeze-dried raw treats to easily add healthy and flavorful raw into your pet’s diet. Bixbi is the perfect brand for introducing raw into your pet’s diet or for adding extra raw into already established raw diets. From complete and balanced meals to high-protein treats, Bixbi is sure to have the ideal raw product your pet will enjoy!

For pet parents that are looking to introduce their pet to raw and slowly transition to a raw diet, Bixbi Rawbble dry dog food is the perfect option! This line of food features Bixbi’s healthy and flavorful kibble coated with wholesome freeze-dried raw for extra flavor and nutrition. This is a great way to introduce raw into your pet’s diet a little bit at a time. This allows your pet to get used to the diet change and prevent any digestive upset. This is also a great budget-friendly option for adding raw to your pup’s diet. This raw-coated kibble is complete and balanced and specially formulated for peak digestive and immune health. This high-protein dog kibble is also great for pet parents looking for a protein-rich kibble to keep your pup full and energized. Carbs from lentils and peas create a low-glycemic limited-ingredient diet for dogs with special dietary needs. Easily digestible for dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

A Raw Dog Food You Can Trust

Rawbble dry dog food is made with the Bixbi guarantee:

  • Grain-Free & Gluten-Free
  • Freeze-Dried Coated
  • Minimally Processed
  • Locally Sourced
  • Optimal Protein Levels
  • Source of Healthy Fats
  • Available in Two Sizes
  • USA Made and Sourced

All of these guarantees ensure that your dog is getting the highest quality product available! Bixbi only uses premium meats that are sourced in the USA for your dog’s nutrition. Bixbi’s variety of Rawbble dry dog food flavors also makes it great for rotational feeding. Bixbi’s Rawbble dry dog food comes in the following variety of drool-worthy flavors:

Perfect To Transition Your Dog Or Cat To Raw

And for pet parents that already feed their pet a raw diet or are looking to switch to a fully raw diet, Bixbi’s freeze-dried Rawbble line is a great option! These pure-meat diets are bursting with fresh hearty raw proteins your dog will be begging for! Bixbi’s freeze-dried Rawbble features 95-98% pure meat, organ, and bone formulas that are gently freeze-dried for optimum raw nutrition and flavor. This is the perfect way to ensure your dog is getting a complete and balanced raw diet that is nutritious and easy to serve! Simply add water and mix for a nutritious and delicious raw meal! Bixbi freeze-dried Rawbble is also great as a raw diet complement or treats for pups already on a fully raw diet. My miniature dachshund Bean who has been on a fully raw diet since he was a puppy loves to enjoy his freeze-dried Rawbble both as a meal and a high-protein snack in-between mealtimes. Bixbi Rawbble makes it convenient and versatile to be able to serve it to him in different ways for him to enjoy. He’ll eat it rehydrated as a meal and snack on it as a treat. I also like to use it as training treats for him since it is bite-sized and easy to eat for his smaller size. 

Bixbi Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food

The versatility of freeze-dried Rawbble makes it great for both old and new raw feeders, Like their dry dog food, Bixbi’s freeze-dried Rawbble is made with the following Bixbi guarantee:

  • Made with USDA Human-Grade inspected USA-sourced Free-range Meats
  • 98% Meat & Organs
  • Grain-Free & Gluten-Free
  • No Animal Meal
  • No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • No Added Fillers or Flavorings
  • No Artificial Preservatives or Colors
  • No Rendered By-products
  • Available in Small, Medium & Large bags
  • USA Made and Sourced

Rotating Proteins Is Easy With Bixbi

As always, Bixbi quality ensures that your canine companion is getting the best quality raw diet on the market! Like with their dry dog food, Bixbi only uses the highest quality free-range meats that are proudly sourced in the USA for your dog’s dietary needs. Bixbi’s selection of freeze-dried Rawbble options makes it ideal for rotational feeding as well. Bixbi’s freeze-dried Rawbble comes in the following choice of irresistible flavors:

All Natural Treats For Dogs

Bixbi also offers nutritious and flavorful treats to reward your pup. Bixbi has a line of training treats as well as functional treats to fit your dog’s lifestyle! Every bag of treats is made with wholesome all-natural ingredients in limited-ingredient recipes that are as high in nutrition as they are in flavor! Your pooch will feel extra special after enjoying a savory treat from Bixbi!

Bixbi’s Pocket Trainers and Bark Pops are great options for training your pup a new trick or two! Bixbi Pocket Trainers are tiny bite-size B-shapes of goodness that make training easy and fun! These grain-free soft and chewy treats are easy to eat for dogs of all ages and sizes. Their bite-size makes it perfect for smaller breeds like my miniature dachshund. Bean loves getting Bixbi Pocket trainers as a reward for going outside. I also love to use them for training him in new tricks since they are low-calorie. Bean will learn a new trick in no time if he knows he’s getting a chicken-flavored Bixbi Pocket Trainer as a reward! They contain no wheat, corn, or soy for dogs with food sensitivities. And low-calorie at only 4 calories per treat, they make a great guilt-free training treat option! Bixbi Bark Pops are light and airy bites that will make your dog feel like they’re eating their very own cheese pops! These airy treats give your dog an irresistible crunch they’ll love! Like the Pocket Trainers, these low-calorie treats are also only 4 calories per treat, making them a great training aid!

Bixbi’s functional jerky treats are a great way to reward your dog while also giving them nutritional health benefits as well! They come in a variety of options specially formulated for your pet’s specific health needs, including:

  • Immune Support
  • Hip & Joint
  • Skin & Coat

These functional jerky treats are also free from any wheat, corn, or soy. Immune Support is rich in antioxidants to help boost your pet’s immune system for peak health and wellness. Hip & Joint features glucosamine and chondroitin to support strong and healthy joints. Skin & Coat is high in essential fatty acids for good skin and coat health. I love the option of Bixbi offering functional dog treats that my dog will love while also providing him with added health benefits. I give Bean Bixbi Hip & Joint treats to help keep his joints healthy and strong. And he loves the savory taste of the chewy jerky! They’re easily breakable for portioning for smaller breeds like him. And since Bean prefers jerky and meaty treats to biscuits, it’s great to have a high-protein treat he’ll enjoy while also keeping him healthy and happy. 

The Bixbi Pet Food Story

To learn more about Bixbi’s brand, The Pet Beastro was able to take part in a helpful and informative question and answer segment with Andrew Spero, Midwest Regional Manager for Bixbi. 

How did Bixbi get started?

It all started on a mushroom farm.  Our founder and CEO, James Crouch, grew up on a mushroom farm and realized that with his background he could create mushroom supplements to help animals stay in tip-top shape, feel good and address health issues more naturally.  From there we’ve grown that passion and added treats and food.  Our goal is to create products using only real, human-grade ingredients.  We only use fresh meat in our products because Fresh Meat is highly digestible.  We believe in honesty and transparency in our products.  Fresh is best.  

What makes Bixbi food and treats stand out?

We only use Fresh Meat in our foods - which makes us unique in the pet food industry.  We test for protein digestibility and publish those results - that’s nearly unheard of in the industry!  We test our products for hundreds of heavy metals and contaminants and we believe in transparency.  We make fun to feed treats that are healthy too.  

What is your favorite aspect about Bixbi?

Our team - we have a tight-knit team who loves to work hard and play hard.  We believe in what we do and our products stand up to our goals.  Fresh is best means we don’t take shortcuts and our pets benefit from that.  Setting goals that are lofty and reaching them with regards to nutrition makes us all feel good about what we do at the end of each day.   

Is Bixbi involved in any charities or non-profit organizations?

We donate to a number of pet food pantries and food shelves along with rescues around the country on a monthly basis.  We have relationships with large food banks that deliver pet food to those in need in five major metropolitan areas around the country.  

What are some exciting things or new products happening in Bixbi's future?

Our new LIBERTY line of dry, wet, and freeze-dried foods are hitting the shelves!  They are highly digestible and at a lower price point -making them easy for every pet parent to feed. RAWBBLE Dry is now freeze-dried coated and entirely single-sourced protein.  

Bixbi Pet Food Offers Something For Every Cat & Dog

From complete and balanced raw meals to protein-packed treats, Bixbi is sure to have a product that fits your pet’s lifestyle. Stop by in-store or browse our online natural pet food store to see all the great products Bixbi has to offer! 


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