FirstMate, The Best Nutrition is Simple

FirstMate, The Best Nutrition is Simple

FirstMate Pet Foods started 30 years ago in aquaculture, providing high-quality feed to salmon farms. When dog owners noticed the positive effects on their pets' coats, they asked for dog food made with the same ingredients. FirstMate offers veterinary-formulated, grain-free options with all-natural ingredients. Their Vacuum Infusion System ensures even distribution of essential fats. They have protein options for dogs with chicken allergies and various options for cats. FirstMate's higher calorie content means you can feed smaller portions. They have special offers and a frequent buyer program. Try FirstMate for high-quality, all-natural, budget-friendly pet food.

FirstMate made a splash in the pet food industry 30 years ago, starting off in aquaculture. Originally providing high-quality feed to salmon farms in the Pacific Northwest, they soon caught the attention of dog owners. When these diligent farmers noticed their guard dogs enjoying an occasional bite of the nutritious fish food, they couldn't help but notice the remarkable transformation in their coats—sleek and shiny as can be. Impressed by these results, they approached Taplow Ventures LLC (the company's original name) with a proposal to create food exclusively for dogs using the same premium ingredients. This was the start of FirstMate Pet Foods!

FirstMate is like the purr-fect match to The Pet Beastro Promise. They've covered everything, from being veterinary formulated to offering grain-free and grain-friendly options and pea and potato-free options. They use wholesome grains such as oats and brown rice, leaving wheat in the dust! Plus, their top ingredient is always meat, because they know our pets deserve the finest.

But wait, there's more! FirstMate goes above and beyond to ensure its ingredients are all-natural. They use a Vacuum Infusion System to add fat to their dry diets. Picture this—a conveyor belt system that moves small batches of kibble through and removes the air from the chamber. This creates little pockets in each kibble piece, ready to be filled with essential fats. It's like a gourmet feast for our four-legged pals in every bite! 

FirstMate Pet Food Options

All of our pups seem to have at least one pesky sensitivity; if your pup has a sensitive tummy and chicken is a no-no, fear not! FirstMate has a variety of other protein options to satisfy their taste buds. And don't be fooled when you see "Chicken Fat" on the ingredients list. It's completely free from chicken protein! So even our chicken-allergic buddies can enjoy this food without worry.


But hold your horses, or should I say, hold your kitties! The Pet Beastro also carries wide varieties from FirstMate for our feline friends. They've got many choices for our meow-some feline friends too. Grain-free or grain-friendly dry food? Check. Canned options? Double check. They've got our whiskered buddies covered!

One advantage of FirstMate food is its higher calorie content per cup compared to most kibble brands on the market. With an average of 500 calories per cup and a weight that exceeds most other foods, FirstMate delivers satiety and calories in fewer cups, which means you'll feed less, and your furry friend will have fewer trips to the litter box or backyard cleanup duty. It's not only convenient but also budget-friendly.

Plus, they also have some pawsome dog and cat treats made from limited ingredients and feature an all-natural grain-free recipe that your dog and cat will enjoy! These treats are meat-based to provide added protein and nutrients for your dog. Made from high-quality proteins that are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. These low-calorie treats are perfect as a reward or for training!

If you're currently dissatisfied with your pet's food or feel it's time for a change, Firstmate Pet Foods is a great place to start! Their grain-friendly lines make transitioning from other leading pet food brands a breeze, with minimal adjustment issues. While they may not have exact replicas of other popular brands, FirstMate offers high-quality, all-natural, and budget-friendly dog food that surpasses expectations.


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