Hemp Can Improve Your Cat Or Dogs Quality Of Life

Hemp Can Improve Your Cat Or Dogs Quality Of Life

If you are thinking about using hemp products for your cats and dogs, read this first! Not all hemp products are made equally or with your pets’ health and wellness in mind! Get the scoop on all things hemp here!

If you are thinking about using hemp products for your cats and dogs, read this first! Not all hemp products are made equally or with your pets’ health and wellness in mind! Sad to say, there are many hemp dispensaries, approved storefronts, and companies that are purely in the business to make money. And their products are sub-par.

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Safe & Healthy Hemp Supplements For Dogs & Cats

Every supplement company that sits on a Pet Beastro shelf must also pass our Beastro Promise. We want to ensure that we only carry the best natural supplements for your pet that are safe and healthy. Pet Releaf exceeds all of the stringent criteria as one of our approved supplement companies. 

5 Ways To Tell If A Hemp Product Is Good For Your Pet

Here are the top five questions to ask any hemp company when you are looking for a high-quality hemp supplement.

  1. Where Is The Hemp Plant Grown? Hemp should be grown and harvested from organic, USDA-certified farms that eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides. Pet Releaf proudly partners with USDA organic hemp farmers that grow hemp plants and a particular PR-33 strain that is specific to your pets. Pet Releaf is proud to use sustainable farms that use regenerative farming practices.

  2. Is The Hemp Product Certified Organic? Pet Releaf is USDA organic as well as National Animal Supplement Council certified and US Hemp Authority certified are all well-respected organizations that have standards when producing and making supplements. These councils make sure that each supplement is properly labeled and accurate ingredients are listed.

  3. What Kind Of Hemp Extraction Method Is Being Used? No toxic chemicals or solvents should ever be used in the extraction process. Pet Releaf is a stickler on extraction making it one of the safest oils for your cats and dogs in the industry. In addition to using CO2 extraction methods, which is the cleanest extraction method, every supplement is void of grain, fillers, wheat, soy, dairy, and limited ingredients.

  4. What Part Of The Hemp Plant Is Being Used In Making The Supplement? Full-spectrum hemp is the key difference between Pet Releaf versus other products available in the hemp market. Full Spectrum means that the entire hemp plant is used in order to get as many plant constituents called cannabinoids into the Pet Releaf product being made. Many times you may find the key buzzwords of “broad spectrum” hemp or “CBD isolate” which does not guarantee potency and may be chemically processed.

  5. Are The Hemp Products 3rd Party Tested? Not every company can claim 3rd party testing like Pet Releaf. They are happy to reveal their full transparency after the production of products showing 3rd party laboratory testing is diligently performed to guarantee the quality and potency of every product. This laboratory testing proves zero toxic chemicals in the production or extraction process. Every package has a QR code that pet parents can quickly scan and load the 3rd party test results quickly. 

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When To Give A Cat or Dog Hemp?

If they have any health issues related to:

  • Hip & Joint
  • Digestive issues
  • All types of Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Injuries
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Immune System Support
  • Cognitive Function
  • Arthritis Symptoms
  • Even healthy pets benefit from Pet Releaf!

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Pet Releaf Is A Hemp Brand You Can Trust

Pet Releaf is an innovative company that cares deeply about your furry family members. They have been completely transparent in regards to their products, development, and implementation along with research for pet parents to feel confident in their choice of hemp products.

This commitment continues as they oversee the entire process from seed to sale from plant to pet in order to get high-quality products to every pet parent. They also offer a competitive frequent buyer program where your 6th item is free for pet parents who shop at our retail store. This simple, no-fuss program is electronically tracked at the time of purchase when you are signed up as a loyalty member.

Which Pet Releaf Hemp Product Does My Dog Or Cat Need? 

Selecting the right hemp product for your pet may be confusing. The industry is flooded with many hemp products that are low quality.

Many of our staff members have extensive hemp knowledge and training. They are happy to give you their own testimonials from using hemp products with their own cats and dogs and from other Pet Beastro customers. Depending on your pet's situation, our staff may have additional clarifying questions that will help us find the right selection for your pets’ specific health needs.

If you have further questions, any one of our staff members can help you find the right option for your pets! Visit us at our retail store in Madison Heights, Michigan, or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store online to learn more.

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