Fun Ways For Pets To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Fun Ways For Pets To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

It's National Ice Cream Month. Come and celebrate with us along with your pups! Find all of our safe "ice cream" and frozen treats for your pets here.

History of National Ice Cream Month

July is National Ice Cream Month, and we have The state of Kentucky to thank for this delicious celebration! In 1984, Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky introduced a resolution to proclaim the month of July National Ice Cream Month and the 15th of that month National Ice Cream Day. Ronald Reagan signed the bill into law the same year, and the rest is history! Even though the bill only specified that July 1984 was National Ice Cream Month, the tradition carries on. Much to our pleasure. Celebrate with us this July and don’t forget to include your pups in the celebration!

Safe Ice Cream Frozen Treat Options For Dogs

Did you know? Human ice cream is unsafe for dogs because it is loaded with sugar, lactose, and artificial sweeteners and flavors, all of which can be toxic for dogs or make them sick.

Although dogs should not eat human ice cream, that doesn’t mean this should be excluded from the fun! There is plenty of dog-safe ice cream and frozen treat alternatives which are natural and nutrient-rich options to add to their diet!

The Pet Beastro offers a variety of safe and healthy ice cream and frozen treat options for your pup to enjoy this summer and all year long. Take a look at some of the different frozen treat options for dogs below.

Safe Pupsicle Make At Home Frozen Options

If your pup loves frozen treats, these safe pet food products can be used to make frozen popsicles and keep them cool on hot summer days! Or for a fun nutritious treat anytime. These goat milk options are great to put into ice cube trays or our frozen pet-themed molds for whatever size or shape pupsicle you would like. Mix the goat’s milk with fruit (except raisins and grapes which are dangerous for dogs) in a blender and your pup will love you even more! 

Green Juju and Primal’s Fresh Toppers are other terrific choices to incorporate into pupsicles and into your pup’s diet! 

Bone broth from Primal, Open Farm, or Nulo can also be put into trays for another cool treat!

Be sure to visit us in-store or via our online natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies shop all of the alternative ice cream options for your pup this summer! 


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