Raw Feeding Tips For Your Cat Or Dog

Raw Feeding Tips For Your Cat Or Dog

Learn about all of the benefits raw feeding has for your cat or dog from one of our staff members, Jennifer O'Brien.

Raw Feeding Interview with Jennifer O'Brien. 

Tell us about your pet:

I currently have one dog, Roxie, who is a pit bull.

What led you to learn more about raw - were there any health issues or were you looking to improve the quality of life?

Both working at The Pet Beastro and dealing with Roxie’s yeast issues. She is a white pit bull, in which white dogs, in general, tend to have skin issues from my experience. Transitioning to a raw diet has been the only way I have been able to get her yeast issues under control.

Tell us about how you transitioned Roxie:

I started by adding some raw nuggets into Roxie’s bowl with her kibble, she soon stopped eating the kibble and would only eat the raw nuggets, for her this is surprising as she is extremely food motivated and eats anything put in front of her. I took it as a sign she preferred the raw so I just stopped giving her the kibble and went full raw.

How has raw helped Roxie:

I have noticed a dramatic improvement in Roxie’s health overall since switching to raw, she has very few yeast outbreaks (they usually happen when she gets into something she is not supposed to), she also has a lot more energy and is overall more content. I can tell when I offer her something that is her favorite as she has the cutest little happy dance.

Do you have any insight on finicky pets? What tips and tricks have worked for your house?

The best way to avoid a finicky pet is to introduce them to a wide variety of different foods as soon as possible, but if that isn’t possible feeding with an interactive toy or adding something enticing to the meal as a topper can be helpful.

Small dogs vs large breed dogs - how to make a meal cost-effective:

When feeding raw the size of the dog helps to determine how much to feed and ultimately what the cost to the pet parent would be. Small dogs, no matter what you feed tend to be pretty cost-effective just from the standpoint that they eat less so it goes further. As for larger dogs, I find premade diets aren't the most cost-effective with the quantity the dog requires. I personally use chubs that contain just meat and veggie then add in the vitamins and other supplements required to make the meal complete and balanced. Another way to make feeding raw more cost-effective is to join the bulk buying program that we offer at The Pet Beastro. You will also need the freezer space to stock up on good deals that come along.

Importance of a complete and balanced meal:

A complete and balanced meal ensures that your pet is getting all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep your pet healthy. When feeding raw, it is very important to make sure you are meeting your pet’s nutritional needs. Each cat and dog is different. Therefore, making the meal complete and balanced ensures that all their nutritional needs are being met while feeding a raw diet.

At The Pet Beastro, we have a large selection of raw and fresh food. Many of our raw diets are already complete and balanced which makes picking out the best diet for your pet simple. We are always happy to talk about raw diets whether that is making a complete switch or just adding something fresh to your pet's diet. Additionally, we provide scheduled nutritional consultations at The pet Beastro that can help design a diet based on your pet's specific needs. Call (248) 548-3448 for an appointment.


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