September 2021 Specials & Savings For Cats & Dogs

September 2021 Specials & Savings For Cats & Dogs

Fall is in the air…. And we have catapulted into September. This month we have furtastic savings from Primal Pet Food, Colorado Hemp Honey, Tucker's Raw Food and so much more! Fall into these savings through 9/30/2021. Discounts are only available in-store and while supplies last for our loyalty program members only.

September Specials & Savings For Cats & Dogs

Fall is in the air…. And we have catapulted into September. Although summer ends September 22, 2021, many of us are looking forward to the change of season, cooler temps for longer dog walks, and the fresh breeze in the house. We will keep the pumpkin spice commentary for October and enjoy the last bit of summer weather while we can! Fall into these savings through 9/30/2021. Discounts are only available in-store and while supplies last for our loyalty program members only.

Primal Pet Food

Pet parents are loving the specials from Primal Pet Food! We are continuing with our awesome savings on Primal Bone Broth 20 oz, Primal Fresh Toppers 16 oz, and Primal Butcher’s Blend 2 lb at the reduced price of $4.99. This is over a 50% savings on the listed items. You can find these great items in the freezer section. If you need tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into your pet's diet, ask one of our knowledgeable team members. We have loads of creative items and easy ways to help boost your pet's immune system and increase hydration by adding a topper!

Primal Bone Broth comes in four nutritious flavors: 

This simple formula is great at keeping your pet hydrated, warm it up to entice eating, use it to boost the immune system, and help reduce leaky gut symptoms. Both cats and dogs enjoy the broth by itself in a bowl or mixed in with food. Primal Fresh Toppers - Available in three flavors:

  • Awesome Squash - promotes digestive system health & support while added probiotics support the small intestine, immune system, and mood. 
  • Power Greens - promotes immune system support combined with our favorite mushrooms, pork bone broth, and probiotics.
  • Omega Mussels - promotes healthy hip & joints with loads of omegas and zinc naturally occurring from the mussels to support immune & metabolism.

Do you have a picky pet at home? A few morsels of the Primal Butcher’s Blend in each meal might do the trick for more consistent eating habits. Primal Butcher’s Blends are meat, bone, and organ and flash-frozen into small cubes that are easy to mix into any meal. The Butcher’s Blend is a great way to add fresh food to any meal. You can choose from turkey, chicken, sardine, pork, lamb, or beef proteins. We even suggest rotating between the flavors for variety. 

Colorado Hemp Honey For Cats & Dogs

September is National Honey Month. In celebration of our pollinators, we are honoring 20% off all Colorado Hemp Honey products. First and foremost, this is a great product that you can share with your pet. Yes, it’s super tasty and each option is functional. There are several delicious flavor options available:

The beehives are placed in the hemp fields in Colorado and pollinated by the honey bees. Therefore, the honey has full-spectrum hemp from the pollination collection and honey process. Honey itself has loads of properties from antibacterial to antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Read more about this pawsome company here. 

Tucker’s Raw Food

Tucker’s Raw Food for Dogs is new to our monthly savings. We carry Tucker’s Frozen food for dogs in six flavors as well as marrow bones for recreational chewing. You can save $3.00 off any 6 lb bag of patties. Each 6 lb bag contains 12 individually wrapped and portioned into 8 oz patties. There is much debate about the individually wrapped patties but I have noticed that picky dogs who like freshness do well with the patties in this type of packaging. In addition, each formula is complete & balanced for all life stages, made in Wisconsin, and the formulas are 95% meat, organ, bone, and marrow with the remaining 5% being pumpkin. Tucker’s Raw Food flavors include: 

Fussie Cat - Cat Food

Another one of our fan favorites around the store is Fussie Cat. This brand has both dry food and canned food options for your feline friends with unique protein options. This month, Fussie Cat is offering BOGO on their 2 lb size bags of dry food in the Guineafowl & Turkey Formula only. If your kitty loves this flavor, you should try their other 4 dry food varieties and over 20 flavors of canned food options that are either tuna or chicken-based. This is a great time to stock up or even pay it forward by donating the free bag to your local cat-friendly shelter.

Boss Dog

As the warm summer days dwindle, consider adding some frozen yogurt to your pup’s routine to support gut health with the sunny days in the forecast. Boss Dog is offering buy 2, get 1 free on frozen yogurt 4-packs as well as goat milkBoss Dog tail-wagging frozen yogurt flavors include: 

Each product from Boss Dog / Boss Cat is infused with probiotics at levels that functionally support the digestive and immune systems. Don’t miss out on these nutrition-packed treats for your pets! The goat milk can be served at mealtime or on its own. This formula contains cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and salmon oil to help promote healthy skin & coat as well as probiotics to support gut health.


If your kitty is a FirstMate fan, you will want to participate in the savings for September. FirstMate is offering $2.00 off small bags of dry cat food or $4.00 off large bags of dry cat food. FirstMate cat food is made in British Columbia, Canada in their family-owned facilities. These limited ingredient cat food options are great for cats of all ages. In addition, FirstMate also offers a Buy 12, Get 1 free frequent buyer program at The Pet Beastro. Every purchase is electronically tracked for your convenience for the frequent buyer redemption. FirstMate also offers canned food options for both cats and dogs.

Stop by our retail store for additional in-store savings on your favorite holistic brands or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies store for tons of healthy pet food and safe dog and cat treat options.


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