Spring Health Awareness and Earthy Goodness

Spring Health Awareness and Earthy Goodness

The end of March brings forth spring and its companion the Worm Moon. The Native Americans used this moon to track the seasons as they change through the year. They knew that as the earth softened for sowing, the worms would be at their most active, finally able to stretch out after the winter chill.

The end of March brings forth spring and its companion the Worm Moon. The Native Americans used this moon to track the seasons as they change through the year. They knew that as the earth softened for sowing, the worms would be at their most active, finally able to stretch out after the winter chill.

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

What does the worm awakening have to do with our pets? As allergies run rampant and many pets' immune systems are low, worms can advance. Healthy pets don’t get worms, but if your pet has an autoimmune disease, poor diet or even something as seemingly harmless as allergies, they are a target for a potential worm attack. 

bixbi-logoTo boost your companion pet’s immune system and catch things in advance of any issues, we suggest Bixbi’s mushroom-based supplements. Bixbi supplements are useful all year round but, for some of the ailments that springtime brings, there is no better time to stock up than now. Their brilliant basic mushroom blends work phenomenally at boosting your pet's immune system.

Mushrooms have been used as antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-cancer supplements in animals and humans for thousands of years throughout Asia. The Chinese refer to Reishi as the “Mushroom of Immortality” for its wide range of use, including curing spikes in blood pressure, as well as urinary tract infections. Shiitake mushrooms are world renowned for their anti-tumor properties. Cordyceps are mushrooms that not only boost the immune system, but help repair damage such as rheumatoid arthritis or damage from a stroke.

bixbiBixbi’s wide range of supplements can fit any animals diet. If your pet is having some joint issues, Bixbi’s Joints is packed with powerful anti-inflammatory mushrooms that will help. Does your pet have some springtime skin and coat irritation? Bixbi’s Skin and Coat mushroom blend contain Beech mushrooms which are high in B Vitamins, which should help give them some relief. If your pet is having some tummy problems, Bixbi’s Digestion blend with added Lion’s Mane will assist in decreasing inflammation in the stomach area in particular.

Even if your pet has no noticeable deficiency at the moment, Bixbi’s Immunity blend is not only a potent cancer fighter, but excellent for immunity maintenance since it fights off free radicals. Also, with each 60-gram Bixbi container you get about a two month supplement supply for a 50-pound dog, which makes this super mushroom supplement quite cost effective. Safe for cats and dogs of all sizes, having Bixbi’s Superfoods Supplements on hand is a no-brainer!

holistic-blend-natural-wormerIf your pet has the dreaded worms, we still suggest boosting their immune system as much as you can. For the de-worming aspect, we recommend Holistic Blend's Natural Wormer. This Natural Wormer works for roundworms, hookworms, fasciolopsis, blood flukes, tapeworms, pinworms, schistosomiasis, and intestinal parasites. This supplement can even assist in the neutralization of heartworm. This product contains betel nut, polyporus mylittae, pumpkin seeds, garlic powder, wormwood, rhizoma rhei, mint leaves, cloves, and walnut. This herbal formulation not only kills and expels live larvae, but it also kills any unhatched eggs. Safe for cats and dogs six months and older, this wormer has proven time and time again to be one of our go-to deworming supplements. If your pet has unfortunately become the victim of a worm infestation, Holistic Blends Natural Wormer is our top suggestion for fighting them off quickly and effectively.   

National Hairball Awareness Day - April 26

Don't forget about the felines! Hairball season is also in full swing during the season change and are not normal as presumed by most cat owners and veterinarians today. If you cat is producing hairballs, they may have some digestive dysfunction going on.

Marshmallow root has been used by many ancient cultures throughout the years including the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman cultures. The root aids in digestive upsets by relieving the body of irritations, both internally and externally. Marshmallow also soothes and moistens the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tract. This single herb remedy comes in a tincture form, which is easy to administer directly on your pet's gum line.

April - incloverIf you're looking for a functional treat to assist your cat with hairball symptoms, In Clover’s Sleek cat treats for hairballs and skin/coat support are a great treat to try. This supplemental treat contains biotin, DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, coconut and prebiotics. Formulated with pork gelatin, chicken liver ,and fish oil these treats are great for even picky cats.  

April - Fidoderm sprayWith spring fever in full swing, having Animal Essentials Fidoderm at the ready is an effective option when fighting skin irritants. This topical spray is full of skin soothing ingredients you may even recognize from your own skin care regimen. Fidoderm contains organic aloe vera, calendula, tea tree, lavender, and carrot seed. Not only is this natural formulation skin soothing, but lavender boasts antibacterial properties and tea tree is a well known anti-fungal which is what makes this spray so effective.

Whether your pet has a sunburn or received a rough scrape from outdoor activities, you can rest assured the ingredients in Fidoderm will help prevent infections from forming as well as soothing the irritated area. And most animals are not a fan of the taste of essential oils, so the lavender and tea tree can help deter licking the affected area as well. This product is useful for insect bites, hot spots, sunburn, abrasions. and minor skin infections. Safe and economical, Animal Essentials Fidoderm is a must have for every pet owner.

April - earth animal fleaTo help guard against fleas and ticks during warm months, Earth Animal has an all-natural shampoo and spray. As a part of their famous Flea & Tick Program, their organic herbal shampoo is free of parabens, chemicals, perfumes and dyes. Containing neem, lemongrass, and fleabane, it is packed with insect deterring herbs. The soothing properties of this shampoo come in the form of calendula, jojoba, and aloe vera, which help replenish the healthy oils lost in washing.

Earth-Animal-Flea-Tick-SprayIf you are looking for a spray to deter bugs from your furry friend - or yourself- whilst in the yard or in the woods, look no further than Earth Animal Herbal Spray. This spray guard against fleas, ticks, black flies, and mosquitos with neem, rue, black walnut hulls, wormwood, horsetail, essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, and fleabane. Paired together, the Earth Animal spray and shampoo will help guard your pet against insect attacks all year round!

April - earthbath wipesEarthbath grooming wipes are a universal grooming tool that are not only all-natural, but also smell amazing! Each fragrance is naturally derived and assists in skin and coat health. This guilt-free grooming wipe ensures that you aren’t wiping away your pets natural oils along with the dirt and dander. These wipes are safe for cats and puppies and come in four varieties. The hypoallergenic wipes are fragrance free for animals sensitive to smell. Their green tea wipes are very effective for protecting against environmental damage with green tea's antioxidant properties. Mango tango is perhaps the best smelling of the four varieties with organic mango essence perfect for eliminating odors. These wipes are all puppy safe, but if you are looking for one "especially for puppies"right on the label, they have that to! This wipe has a natural cherry essence perfect for conditioning naturally.

Earth Day - April 22

April - chicken cutletsIn celebration of Earth Day we have quite a few earth-inspired specials for your pet. Earth Animal’s “Brushed on Benefits” chicken cutlets are free-range, antibiotic-free, wheat-, corn-, and soy-free. These cutlets have been brushed with a selection of olive oil and essential vitamins and minerals depending on what your pup needs. Earth Animal chicken cutlet varieties are self-explanatory and include Trim, Soothe, Calm, Agility, Energy, Fresh and Shine. A treat for every dog that loves chicken!

April - chicken chewsIf you are looking for a longer lasting chew, Earth Animal has a safe, completely digestible alternative to rawhide. Their No-Hide chews come in beef, chicken, or salmon and three different sizes. Composed of seven simple ingredients, this chew is sure to keep your companion satisfied and also provide you with peace of mind that it has been formulated without chemicals or any of the other additives used in typical rawhide chews.

April - Earth-Rated-Poop-Bags-with-RefillAt The Pet Beastro we ensure that everything is earth friendly, not just treats. Earth Rated poop bags are also on special feature this month. The bags are biodegradable and some varieties are compostable. Earth Rated bags come in scented and unscented, depending on your preference, and even the packaging is recycled!

April - orbiPlanet Dog’s Orbee Tuff Earth ball is perfect for the spring season and for Earth Day and dogs of all ages. Did we mention it also floats! And each purchase from Planet Dog helps fund canine service programs around the U.S. This ball also has one more earthly perk: it is completely recyclable! We are also including Fluff & Tuff’s ball shaped squeaky toys and Yeowww’s catnip filled balls. This April we are encouraging play in the most earth friendly way.

Stop by The Pet Beastro this month. We have everything you will need from immune boosting supplements to alternative chews to ensure a smooth seasonal transition for your pet. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we don’t take preventive action for our companions who will? Adding in some simple supplementation will not only help prevent worms or fleas, but also leave more time to dedicate for spring play!


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