Stella & Chewy’s Healthy Kibble For Cats & Dogs

Stella & Chewy’s Healthy Kibble For Cats & Dogs

Stella & Chewy's only uses the purest and highest quality all-natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced from trusted farmers to offer your pet peak wholesome nutrition. Whether it's frozen raw meals or raw-coated kibble, Stella & Chewy's has the perfect raw nutrition product for your pet!

Stella & Chewy’s kibble is a great option for pet owners because it is a high quality, less processed, and protein-rich option making it a great choice for premium pet food helping our furry friends thrive. For example, Stella’s Raw Blend kibble is coated with freeze-dried raw and has whole pieces of freeze-dried raw mixed in which gives your pet the best of both worlds. Another thing to consider is that Stella & Chewy’s is responsibly sourced and is always grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught, and farm-raised. This allows for high levels of nutrition that make Stella & Chewy’s kibble healthy, delicious, all while promoting overall well-being. 

Stella & Chewy’s Natural & Safe Pet Food Ingredients

All of Stella & Chewy’s pet food ingredients are from suppliers they know and trust. From 100% organic fruits and vegetables and responsibly sourced animal proteins Stella & Chewy’s is passionate about providing the absolute best for your dogs and cats! This is why Stella & Chewy’s is a fan favorite at The Pet Beastro because they forgo the use of artificial preservatives, avoid added fillers, flavors, colors, and their meats never contain added hormones or antibiotics. They are fully transparent with where their ingredients are sourced and made in the USA, which gives pet parents trust in knowing that there is nothing to worry about when feeding your dog or cat Stella & Chewy’s.

Pet Food: Grain-Free or Grain Friendly

Stella & Chewy's Kibble has grain-free and grain-inclusive options to meet everybody’s needs. For example, Stella’s Essentials kibble line has both grains inclusive and grain-free options! Both grain-free and wholesome grains recipes are made for all life stages and are 100% complete and balanced. Below are the various kibble options you can find at The Pet Beastro.

  • Stella’s Essentials dry dog food is great for customers that are interested in making the switch to this brand! The number one ingredient is always responsible-sourced protein with no corn, wheat, or soy and never any by-product meals. Available in 4 tasty recipes; duck, chicken, beef, and lamb! This line of kibble also includes added levels of taurine, omega’s, and glucosamine for a strong and healthy pet!
  • Stella’s Essentials Wholesome Grain recipes are formulated with healthy and responsibly sourced grains such as barley, oatmeal, brown rice, and millet. Protein options include chicken, duck, beef, whitefish, and lamb. These kibbles are also pea-free, lentil-free, and potato-free for those pups with extra sensitivities. 
  • Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble is a great way for all ages and is available for cats or dogs. This kibble comes oven-baked and coated in their freeze-dried raw, making it palatable for those picky eaters! Because this kibble is oven-baked it is subjected to less processing compared to other dry dog food methods. In this line, for dogs, you can choose from Whitefish Recipe, Chicken Recipe, Beef Recipe, Lamb Recipe, Duck Recipe, or Puppy Chicken Recipe. We encourage you to switch up the flavors and rotate proteins for your pets.
  • Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend is the same as the raw coated AND includes the freeze-dried pieces mixed in with the kibble, making mealtime even more pleasant for your pup! These formulas are multiple proteins in one formula, loaded with probiotics for extra support to the digestive system, and grain-free. Available in a Red Meat Recipe, Cage-Free Poultry, Free Range Recipe, and Wild-Caught Recipe for dogs. 

Stella & Chewy’s Cat Kibble

Stella & Chewy’s also offer kibble options for our feline friends. Sometimes our kitties can be a little finicky and Stella & Chewy’s kept that in mind when creating their Raw Coated and Raw Blend lines. 

  • The raw coated kibble seems like your standard dry cat food but kicked up a notch. The actual pieces of food are really small and raw coated so not only is it easy to eat but it's even more enticing for our pets. For cats, you can choose from Chicken Recipe, Salmon Recipe, or Duck Recipe. 
  • The company took this a step further by adding pieces of freeze-dried into the already existing raw coated kibble, this line is called Raw Blend. Both lines are grain-free, corn-free, soy-free potato-free, rich in omega fatty acids, low in carbohydrates, and taurine fortified. For cats, you can choose from Cage-Free Recipe or Wild Caught Recipe.

Stella & Chewy’s options go beyond kibble. The Pet Beastro has been a long-time supporter of their frozen raw food options as that is how the company got started. Since then they have expanded from frozen raw food to dry kibble, canned food options, stews, freeze-dried, and treats. Stella & Chewy’s Kibble has made a commitment to local independent pet stores with their Neighborhood Pet Partnership and supporting The Pet Beastro. You can shop all of these Stella & Chewy’s kibble options on our website or stop into our store and any one of our knowledgeable associates can help you pick the right option! 


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