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The Right Nutrition Supports Your Cat's Good Health

The Right Nutrition Supports Your Cat's Good Health

Cat health is deteriorating faster and faster nowadays. Being that cats are obligate carnivores but are often fed processed dry cat food, they are not getting the proper nutrients that they need to thrive. Learn more about the best nutrition for your cat and the​ many health benefits to feeding your cat a more species appropriate diet.

How to Support Your Pet's Digestion

Supporting your pet’s digestive system is the most important thing you can do for them. Over 80 percent of your animal's immune system lies within their digestive system. Why the gut? Because the gut is the battlefield. For instance, a harmful virus is pushed to the gut once it is marked as an invader by the body. From there the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that lie within the stomach go to work to fight the harmful invading cells. If the digestive system is healthy and running well, it should be able to handle the viral attacker and prevent the onset of illness. If the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system has been compromised by overmedication, an insufficient diet, or stress, it will not be able to perform very sufficiently when an attacker introduces itself. The battlefield is still there but the soldiers -- having been murdered by their toxic environment -- are not available to protect against invaders. To read more about how your pet's immune system is affected by digestion check out Erica’s blog post.

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