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Emergency Preparedness - Expect the Unexpected

Emergency Preparedness - Expect the Unexpected Do you have an emergency kit ready for your pet? In Michigan, we aren't usually blasted with violent weather patterns, but we should still be prepared in case of an emergency. We never know when we may actually need to evacuate our home and we never want to leave our pets behind. If your pets are like mine, they are an integral part of the family and have become your fur-kids.

Tips to Enjoy a Safe Easter

Tips to Enjoy a Safe Easter The Easter holiday brings many things to look forward to as we plan family get-togethers, egg hunts, and stuff baskets with goodies for loved ones.  As we celebrate this year, let’s try to be mindful of the hidden dangers that the Easter holiday may bring. A small dose of preparation will help prevent a huge and potentially expensive dose of harm.

Holiday Dangers for Pets

Holiday Dangers for Pets While the holidays bring much to celebrate, it's also a time to take extra precautions to make sure your companions stay safe throughout the festivities. There are many dangers for our pets while we deck our halls.