The Perfect Week To Celebrate Your Dog!

The Perfect Week To Celebrate Your Dog!

Let’s face it, dogs are part of the family and some even consider them their fur kids! Either way, as pet parents and guardians we always want what’s best for our pups. If you adopted your pooch from a shelter or rescue organization then National Dog Week is even more reason for celebration!

Let’s face it, dogs are part of the family and some even consider them their fur kids! Either way, as pet parents and guardians we always want what’s best for our pups. If you adopted your pooch from a shelter or rescue organization then National Dog Week is even more reason for celebration!

History of National Dog Week

In 1928, Captain William Lewis Judy, a veteran of World War I, established National Dog Week. He created this holiday to honor the significance of dogs in our lives and to inform people of their duties to their companions. Families frequently left their dogs chained outside during that time. Dogs were free to roam and there were no leash rules, putting them in danger of becoming lost or being hit by cars. Today, dog owners treat their pets quite differently than they used to, and Judy is largely responsible for that transformation.

Support Dog Rescues 

National Dog Week celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure. This is the justification you've been looking for to get yourself (another) furry companion! Dogs are social animals who appreciate companionship. 

Our Dog Adopt-A-Pet Partners

We offer a free bag of healthy pet food and a $10 credit towards nutrition consult to pets who’ve been adopted from the following local rescues*:

  • Friends of Detroit Animal Care & Control (DACC): Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control is committed to saving animals' lives, ensuring equal access to companion animals for those of all socio-economic levels, and raising the level of care for animals living in the city of Detroit. We work hand in hand with Detroit Animal Care and Control to help the homeless animals at DACC and proactively keep animals out of our shelter in the first place. Learn more about them here.  
  • New Beginnings Animal Rescue: New Beginnings Animal Rescue (NBAR) was founded in 2010 for the overwhelming number of people who need help caring for or re-homing their companion animals. NBAR is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and fosters to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. Its mission is to serve Southern Oakland County communities as a no-kill rescue organization that finds suitable homes for indoor companion animals. Learn more about New Beginnings Animal Rescue here on their website.

So whether you adopted or acquired your pup through other avenues, this national holiday is still a great week to celebrate them and acknowledge the needs of other pets that have yet to find their fur-ever homes!

Pup Appreciation Activities 

Who doesn’t want to do something fun with their pup?! Below are some things to do for your pup to celebrate National Dog Week:

1. Incorporate any raw or fresh food:

Raw as a part of an animal's diet in any fashion is beneficial. Even if it's only 10 percent of their daily diet or you are just adding raw goat's milk to your pet's food, it's the blend and balance that's important. Combining the correct portions of meat and raw bone and organ for both cats and dots and some fruits and vegetables for mainly dogs is the key. The benefits of raw are vast and many are evident quite soon after a switch, within 14 to 21 days if not sooner:

2. Go for daily walks or incorporate playtime/mental stimulation (interactive toys, puzzles, long-lasting chews):

One of the most important activities we do with our dogs is to go for a walk. It's one of the best ways to build your bond. It's a way to connect and simply be present in the moment with them. Most of us are rushing from one obligation to another with technology being a constant distraction. Taking the time to properly walk WITH your dog is valuable for both.

Also, as the colder days are just around the corner, you can look for interactive activities and toys for your dog. You may want to try some at-home options such as puzzle games, snuffle mats, licki mats, and treasure hunts. 

3. Learn a new trick, training is an excellent way to stimulate your pet's mind. 

Training is important for many purposes, but most importantly it helps to meet the mental needs of our dogs. Most dog breeds that are now house pets, were at one time intended for a working purpose. Their main objective now is to be a companion, but at one time they had jobs to do like hunting, guarding, and herding. Without proper mental stimulation, we are not meeting the needs of our furry friends to the fullest. Training helps bridge the gap and mimic jobs for our dogs. Our partner, Einstein Dog Training, offers private in-home and group training, to maximize the results you can achieve with your dog!

4. Improve your knowledge of pet first aid

You may take some time to learn more about Pet First Aid. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to predict which injuries or illnesses our pets may come down with, so it’s best to be prepared for any possible ailments that arise. Learn more about pet first aid!

5. Host a National Dog Week Pawty

Invite all your hooman friends and their dogs to enjoy a party and celebrate their existence. Grab all the necessary items, including special toys, treats, and accessories!

However you decide to celebrate with your pup(s), our furry companions will always hold a special place in our hearts so be sure to give them all the love and attention they deserve every day. For instance, planning a healthy diet for your best buddy is a wonderful gesture of affection. Make an appointment with us if you'd like to learn more about introducing your fuzzy friends to a healthier diet or are interested in our pet health services. We offer a wealth of knowledge about pet nutrition and common health issues that your dog or cat may be experiencing. Stop by our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, or visit our 24/7 natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies store online, or message us on Facebook for any inquiries!



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