Top 20 Dog & Cat Products Of 2020 At The Pet Beastro

Top 20 Dog & Cat Products Of 2020 At The Pet Beastro

We are rounding out 2020, as we all look forward to a refreshing start to 2021. The Pet Beastro top 20 products list is always a fun way to review our past year and see what products were fan favorites with your furry friends. 

Top 20 Pet Products of 2020

Goat Milk - All Varieties and Brands

This is always a fan favorite. We carry six different brands that would fit your needs. You can: 

  • pour it over your pets dry food, 
  • add it into a raw meal,
  • make frozen treats, 
  • support an upset stomach, 
  • add nutrition for young and old animals, 
  • or just pour it into a bowl and let your pet lap it up on their own. 

It’s very versatile and a great treat for both cats and dogs.

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Raw Bar Items

These treats are great for both cats and dogs. The freeze-dried treats from Vital Essentials have been a hit since they arrived. On occasion we find Kianga (our Bengal) reaching for her own duck heart out of the bin when she is hungry or needs a snack. There are larger items such as:

  • pig ears, 
  • pig snouts, 
  • duck heads, 
  • necks, 
  • and bully sticks for larger dogs. 
  • Chicken necks, 
  • duck hearts, 
  • and moo sticks can be great for cats. 

These single-ingredient treats are great for pets with allergies too!

Oma’s Pride Raw Recreational Bones

A good recreational chew bone is a great way to keep your dog busy if you have housework, homework, or a zoom meeting to attend. These range from small to large. You can find a wide selection of beef marrow bones, bison marrow bones, beef split knucklebones, and lamb femur bones in our frozen section. 

Farmina Cat Canned Food

It can be tricky to find a good canned cat food that your kitty friend will eat consistently. Farmina seems to fill in that void. With several different varieties, textures, and proteins to choose from, there is something for every feline. Cats love when moisture is added to their diet through food which helps to keep them hydrated and nourishing their urinary system.

Bravo! Dry Roasted Duck Feet Chews

Another fan favorite if you can get past the visual of the foot. Dogs love these quick, crunchy chews. The duck feet are another single-sourced ingredient treat with no fillers, by-products, or toxic ingredients. If you haven’t tried these yet, make sure they get on your shopping list for your next trip. 

Whimzees Dental Chews

These chews are a non-meat option. They are a potato-based chew that is fully digestible for your dogs. These treats can also support dental health and come in fun shapes and sizes whether your dog is big or small. It’s a healthy low-fat treat for dogs who suffer from pancreatitis or need to lose weight.

Happy Howie’s Open Stock Treats

These Michigan-based treats always stop dogs in their tracks. Even the pickiest of dogs are always drawn into the lamb burgers and tend to help themselves on occasion. Treats come in:

  • burgers, 
  • stix, 
  • and sausages from large to small.

 Their protein choices are:

  • lamb, 
  • beef, 
  • and turkey. 
  • Their irresistible sausage rolls are great to cut into just the right size for your training needs or to fill an interactive toy. 

Fussie Cat Canned Food

This is another canned variety that cats seem to love and is lower in calories. They have 19 varieties total between their tuna-based and chicken-based line. Recently launched are select flavors of  5.5 oz cans which is great for larger cats and multi-cat households. 

Earth Animal No-Hide Sticks

These top-selling chews are a great alternative to rawhide. Each chew is made with natural ingredients that are easily digestible. They are offered in a variety of sizes and flavors just for your pup's needs. 

Bare Bites Beef Liver Treats

If you haven’t picked up a bag of these beef liver treats yet, you need to! We haven’t had one dog refuse these treats yet! They are paper-thin dehydrated treats of beef liver and dogs love them! Each treat is scored making it easy to break into a small training treat or a large piece for any good dog reward. You can even sprinkle them over a meal to help picky pups eat their dinner.

Beastro Reusable Bags

This one is a fan favorite. Our reusable bag is great for any trip to any store. They are heavy-duty bags that can hold a bit of weight. Our branded reusable bag has allowed us to cut out the use of over 30,000 plastic one-time-use bags yearly! We appreciate you helping us with our earth-friendly approach!

FirstMate Limited Ingredient Canned Cat Food

These cans come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Each flavor is a pate style of canned food but are sure to catch your cats attention. FirstMate has both grain-free and grain-friendly versions for your cat's needs. Each can has a high meat content, low carb, and free of thickeners or gums making it a healthy and palatable choice for our feline friends.

Bare Bites Chicken Feet Chews

A close runner up to the duck feet that are number 5 on the Top 20 list. These chicken feet are a great chew option for small pups or a quick cruncher for large dogs. 

Nulo Freestyle Meaty Dog Pouches

These quick meaty pouches are great for all types of occasions. You can use them as a mid-hike snack, doggie daycare lunch, pour over with dry food, mix in with freeze-dried, or simply just to give your pup something different in their bowl. The broth is a great way to keep your pet hydrated and interested in food. They also have options for your cat friends too. 

Barking Buddha Beef Cheek Roll Chews

These quickly became a hot item. If you are looking for a long-lasting inexpensive chew option for your dog, then you need to try one of the beef cheek rolls. They are offered in 2 sizes for small and large dogs. Customers rave about the cheek rolls!

Earthborn Holistic Canned Cat Food

Another fan favorite for kitties is the variety of Earthborn Holistic canned food. Options range from fish to chicken to beef with all flavors selling equally to the cat fanatics. The cans are also offered in a 3 oz or 5.5 oz size depending on how many felines are served. 

Natural Dog Company Gullet Sticks

Gullet sticks have been on the top list for a few years now. These quick chews are even great for the pickiest of pups. You can snag gullet sticks by the eaches or pre-packaged from sizes small to large. 

Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin

You should always have a can of pumpkin on the ready for any sort of digestive emergency. Pumpkin can help with:

  • diarrhea,
  • constipation, 
  • and anal gland health.

Pumpkin is full of vitamins and minerals with low fat and low calories. You could even use pumpkin and a few other cabinet items if you need to give your dog dinner in a pinch if you forgot to stop at The Pet Beastro to replenish.

Pet Releaf Edibites Soft Chews

These full-spectrum hemp chews are a home run! They are functional treats that can help with both ailments while supporting the nervous system and reducing inflammation. Edibites can be used at all life stages of your dogs life providing health benefits when given daily.

Etta Says Deli Sausages

These quick two-pack sausage chews are great to toss in a to-go bag for road trips, hikes, or just rewarding your pup on a walk. The ingredients look like they are good enough for humans to eat. They come in chicken or beef with both flavors being equally delicious. 

Let Us Know

Have you had a chance to try these with your furry friends? Comment and let us know. We would love to hear your feedback and testimonials if there is a favorite on the list. You still have a chance to try items from the list on our website here as they are always stocked and will be going into 2021. 


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