Top 20 Products Of 2022

Top 20 Products Of 2022

Our pets and their owners have spoken for 2022. We have compiled a list of the Top 20 items that every pet parent should know about and include in their pantry. We would love to hear your testimonial and what your pet loves from the list!

Our pets and their owners have spoken for 2022. We have compiled a list of the Top 20 items that every pet parent should know about and include in their pantry. We would love to hear your testimonial and what your pet loves from the list! This year, we are making it a little different. Over 4 weeks, we will unveil 5 TOP 20 products per week until we have the complete list! What other products do you think are getting featured?!

1. Chews - Cheek Rolls, Whimzees, No Hides, duck feet, chicken feet, bully sticks, marrow bones, dental health, etc.

Our open bins containing a myriad of chews are always the highlight of most dogs' visits to our store. Owners love it or hate it. You either have a dog that is instantly snacking or other picky dogs who go bin to bin to find just the right snack. If you haven’t experienced this aisle, your pup is in for a treat, literally. We have anything from quick chews to chews that last a few hours. It is all dependent on your dog and its level of chewing capabilities. If you need help picking out something for your dog, our staff is always happy to help. Below are some great ideas and what our staff uses with their dogs.

  • Josephine, our store manager, says, “Beef Cheek Rolls are always a fan fav at my house. Olive, my 25 lb Beagle/Poodle mix, is a pretty heavy chewer, and a small Beef Cheek roll gets us over an hour of chew time. We typically only provide chews for 20 - 30 min sessions. We buy these repeatedly due to the value and length of chew we get from one snack. Another favorite for Olive is the Natural Dog Company's Lamb Pizzle. These chews are smaller but give us about 30 minutes of chew time. The lamb pizzle is always her go too when we go shopping, and one chew she never loses interest over. She loves to pick out her treats from the bulk bins, and the lamb pizzle is always a must-have.”
  • Jayden, our sales associate, says, “Bully sticks and no-hides have come in handy for a busy chew. I like to use the chews if doing something that takes up all of my attention. I find it keeps my dog Shooter busy for as long as I need them to, and he goes crazy over them.” The shooter is a red heeler mix of around 30 lbs!

Chew Sticks Shop Now2. Single source bulk treats - Happy Howie’s and Vital Essentials

These treats are a fan favorite, and we know why! Dogs and cats love the options, even the pickiest of pets gravitate towards these treats and plunk their head in the bin in attempts to steal a lamb burger. Pet parents love that you can buy just one, a handful, or a bulk bag. The most snagged items of all time are the Vital Essentials chicken necks and Happy Howie Lamb Burger.

  • Jayden says, “My dog's favorite treat of all time is the Vital Essential duck hearts! They are a great natural source of taurine, and he always gets so excited when he sees me pull the container out. I know what it is, so it makes me feel 100% about giving them to him.”
  • Jill’s kitty Kianga would steal the Vital Essentials duck hearts straight from the bin when she was a store cat. If she was hungry and no one was feeding her, she would help herself. 

Happy Howie's Burger Patties Shop NowVital Essentials Shop Now

3. Farmina Canned Food

Farmina canned pet food is unique in flavor options, variety, and the overall canning process. Cats and dogs love the amount of broth and moisture that is in these canned foods. Farmina layers the ingredients directly in the can and then cooks the ingredients one time in the sealed can. Therefore all the natural juices remain intact and in the can. Most canned foods are cooked twice, Once when made into the recipe and the second after filling the can. 

  • Josephine’s cats love the Farmina cans. Here’s what she has to say about her experience. “Farmina cat cans are a staple at our house. I have 4 cats, and at least one or 2 can be particular about their food. Farmina always seems to be the one option that they can all agree with, even my boy, that has more of a sensitive stomach. I think these are a hit at my house with all the cats because of their one-time cooking method and unique canning process. They don't cook out the flavor by separating the cooking and canning steps. I also like that they provide so many protein options with the bonus of pumpkin or quinoa. I like the added pumpkin because it provides a nice source of fiber, and this line is my cat's favorite. I also appreciate their use of pomegranates and blueberries to help with urinary and kidney function. I started using Farmina cans because I have 3 seniors, and as our kitties age, they tend to suffer from urinary issues and dehydration. I use Farmina with ease, knowing that it provides my cats with a moisture-rich diet, well-sourced ingredients, low ash, low phos, and added ingredients to support organ function.” 

4. Toppers - Goat Milk & Bone Broth - Primal, Smallbatch, Open Farm, Nulo, Answers, Green Juju, Boss Dog, and more!

We have so many options to make it super easy to add something fresh or moisture rich to your pet's bowl. The pour-and-go method seems to be the best option for busy households, multi-pet households, or those who are budget conscious. Goat Milk and Bone Broth are always a highlight at our store and can be used for all life stages. You can pour in a saucer and let your pet lap it up on their own time. You can pour it over their meal. You can refreeze these items into interactive mats and toys. You can make tasty ice cubes for a fresh treat. You could mix it into a homemade meal for added nutrition. The list goes on as well as the added benefits that support hip & joint health, urinary tract health, immune system health, provide hydration, support digestive health, and gets picky pets to eat more regularly. 

  • Maddie, our assistant store manager, regularly uses bone broth with her pets at home. She has one dog and several cats who all partake. Here’s more information from Maddie’s experience. “Open Farm Bone Broth has become a staple at my house for my cats and my dog! It allows me to add more moisture to my cat's diet while at the same time giving them new textures, flavors, and health benefits all at the same time! One of my cats gets very picky about how wet his wet food actually is, so pates often don't cut it when it comes to getting him to eat. Since the addition of Open Farm bone broth, he has been much more willing to eat a wider variety of canned foods, including pate, all because of the added moisture! You can never leave out any of the pets in my house, so when my dog sees me prepping cat dinners, he gets a little jealous. What he doesn't know is that I am glad to give him bone broth whenever he wants. Since my dog is a senior, his joints have started to become issues in the sense that he doesn't run upstairs as he used to or he doesn’t tolerate long walks. With the added collagen he gets from Open Farm bone broth, we notice key differences in these activities! Not only has bone broth proved to be beneficial health-wise in my home, but it also makes mealtime more fun for my pup as he isn't getting bored with mealtime.”

Goat Milk Shop NowBone Broth Shop Now

5. Reusable Beastro Bags -

The one and only coveted Beastro reusable bag! Well, I suppose we have two now, as we are innovative and always providing options. Our first love was our full-color Beastro Bag which was introduced in 2018 as a way to reduce our use of plastic. I’m always amazed at statistics and that one reusable bag has the same life span as 700 single-use plastic bags. That is a whole lotta bags that aren’t going to the landfill. We love when our customers use them for everyday use and we spot them around town. 

  • Josephine has both the full-color original Beastro bag as well as our canvas option. She says the following about using our reusable bags. “I have several Beastro bags. My favorite is the original because of its size and durability. I use these bags for everything. One of our favorite reasons is when we go on road trips. I usually pack all the dog items in it. We tend to pack heavy, so this allows me to make sure we can bring all the food, toys, e-mats, blankets, and other necessities. These bags are also great for grocery store stops. It is so durable I usually pack all the heavier items in the Beastro bag. Although the canvas bag is not my go-to for big grocery store hauls, it is great for quick trips. I love that I can fold it and tuck it into my purse. I use this one for trips to a store where I am only grabbing a few items. It can fit a bunch of small items, is sturdy, and has a great handle length, but I find my go-to for bigger shopping trips is the Original Beastro bag.”

The Pet Beastro Reusable Bag Shop Now6. Nulo Canned Cat Food

Nulo has all types of wet canned food for your kitties. There is something in their lineup that your cat may enjoy. You can choose from pate, stews, shredded, minced, and pouches to mix it up. Pate-style foods are higher in calories per ounce if your cat needs calories. Pouches with added broth support the urinary system, as the extra broth helps with hydration. As many of our employees are cat owners, we understand the importance of having various options for our feline friends. They are particular when it comes to texture and flavor. Nulo is a brand that gives cat owners options in both categories when deciding!

  • One of our customers, Katie, has nothing but great things to say about Nulo Salmon & Turkey minced cans. She says, “Favorite brand for both of my cats. They don’t like pate and are pretty picky. They never refuse to eat when it’s this brand.”

 Nulo Canned Cat Food7. Etta Says Yumm Sticks

Looking for a 100% human-grade meat jerky treat? Look no further than these individually wrapped jerky options. These jerky’s are healthy and void of fillers, hormones, nitrates, or MSG. Just filled with wholesome ingredients making us human pet parents feel good about giving our pups all-natural treats. 

  • Our online associate Nikki says, “My dog Bean’s favorite flavor is Chicken, but he also loves every flavor of Etta Says Yumm Sticks! They are one of his all-time favorite treats!”. Nikki also says, “I love the flavor varieties, and versatility of Etta Says Yumm Sticks. The variety of flavors is great for rotational feeding. They are also high-protein, making them a great energizing healthy snack. Etta Says Yumm Sticks are convenient and versatile. They are great for a snack, reward, training, and more. You can feed them whole or easily break them apart into smaller portions. I love how easy they are to break up and portion out for Bean as a reward throughout the day.” Nikki also uses these snacks many different ways for Bean. She states, “I love using Etta Says Yumm Sticks as both a snack and reward for Bean throughout the day. Sometimes I feed them whole as a high-protein healthy snack between meals. I also break them into small portions and use them as a reward for going outside, following commands, and as a before-bedtime snack.”

Etta Says Yumm Sticks8. Fussie Cat Canned Food

Fussie Cat has once again upped the bar. This year they launched three pate style of wet canned food for cats that correlates with their dry food options. These three flavors are pate style. In addition, they have several flavors in a shredded format that has been a feline favorite in our store for some time. We love that the Fussie Cat mission is meat first, making sure to satisfy our little cat carnivore diet needs. These top-notch options are made in FDA-registered kitchens with the same standards as human foods. Cat moms and dads love the variety that is offered within their lineup. Fussie Cat has dry food and puree-style treats to satisfy your cat's needs.

  • Our customer Paula says, “We love the Fussie Cat brand esp., tuna with clam. Our cats are indeed fussy. They only eat fish-based products, and Fussie Cat has a variety of flavors that they love. With it being grain-free and real food, I know they are getting a great meal without unnecessary ingredients to keep them healthy.” Another customer Steven says his cat is a fan of the tuna with mussels flavor. He says, “This one doesn't disappoint my cat; he never seems tired of it and keeps it down. I like that it seems like premium tuna vs. the fish foods that have all dark tuna, which he's not crazy about.”

Fussie Cat Canned Food9. Nulo Dog Pouches

You must get some for your dogs if you haven’t heard of these Nulo Dog Pouches yet! These are all-time favorites, and not surprising to see them in our top 20 for 2022. These flat pouches are great to stuff in your to-go back for your dog, great to take on hikes as a quick snack, a wonderful mid-day lunch at doggie daycare, and so much more. These pouches are great to mix with your dog's regular food as they are limited ingredients with no vitamin or mineral pack. We love this idea as it reduces the ingredients and allows you to have more control of the ingredients for dogs with allergies. 

  • Our sales associate Jayden loves using these pouches with her dog Shooter. She says. “Our favorite Nulo pouch is the chicken, duck, and kale, and I feed them when I know I am going to be late for dinner so it can tie him over as a snack. I sometimes give it to him in the middle of the day if he is hungry. It is a super easy and quick way of keeping him content until dinner time.”

Nulo Dog Pouches10. Nootie Calming Aid

This might be the first time a supplement has made the top 20 list. However, it doesn’t surprise me as we know this is a must-have when it comes to fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, grooming appointments, long road trips, airplane travel, or any other time your dog is in need of calming support. Over the last decade, our dogs have suffered from anxiety caused by many different events. These quick calming treats are great to add to your dog's travel bag or even stuff in your pocket when needed. 

  • Maddie says, “I started using this calming product to test and see what all of the hype was about. I was quickly shown exactly why our customers love it! I first tried out Nootie Calming Aid on July 4th of, 2021. I visit a family member's house yearly to watch my Uncle’s fireworks, including the larger, louder fireworks. As a kid, I never realized how harmful fireworks could be for all the dogs in the neighborhood because we never had a dog with anxiety. It just so happens my uncle got a Golden Retriever named Ginger, and she is unfortunately not a fan of the loud booms. When Ginger hears the loud noise of the firework, she hides behind the couch, shaking, absolutely scared out of her mind. So last year, I decided to bring these over to help calm her nervous system. I gave Ginger the calming aid 30 minutes before the festivities were about to start, just as the directions stated. Much to my surprise, Ginger got brave enough to poke her head out to the front porch and joined us for a while to watch the fireworks. As you can imagine, my Uncle purchased more of the Nootie Calming Aid to keep on hand for thunderstorms and any other Ginger might need.”

Nootie Calming AidStop by our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, which is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM, and Sundays from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, or visit our 24/7 natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies store online, to shop our TOP 20 products of 2022! Please message us on Instagram or Facebook for further questions!



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