The Best Food For Your Cat Or Dog Is Raw!

The Best Food For Your Cat Or Dog Is Raw!

There is no better time to start adding fresh raw food to your pet’s bowl! Learn more about how feeding raw pet food can support your dog or cat’s immune system and improve their digestion in our blog.

There is no year better than 2021 to start adding fresh raw food to your pet’s bowl! We get it, change can be scary when it comes to your pet's digestive system. If you’ve never heard of raw food for your cat or dog or have not thought of feeding it, there are many reasons to begin incorporating and to make the switch. This change in diet can support your pets’ immune system and even improve their digestion. 

Common Questions About Feeding Raw:

We have lots of customers who stop in the store or call us with questions about raw. Here are a few of the most common.  

  • I’ve never seen the names or brands that are in your store, why is that?
  • Why would I include fresh food into my pet's diet?
  • Does adding fresh food create a “habit”? 

We will break raw feeding down, so it’s easy for you to add even a little raw!  Let’s start with concerns for feeding raw to cats and dogs. 

Myths & Misconceptions Of Feeding Raw:

Many customers come to The Pet Beastro for guidance and support on why incorporating raw into your pet’s diet is beneficial. However, there are many misconceptions that come into play when people are not familiar with raw feeding. 

  • Pet parents who are nervous about handling and feeding raw meat to their pet due to various bacteria, should be aware that dog and cat’s digestive systems are meant to handle bacteria without a problem and their stomach acid helps break down those harmful bacteria (should they be present) before invading the body.  Pet parents should handle raw meats as they would when cooking food for them and make sure hands are washed and cleaned properly after handling. 
  • Another myth about feeding raw is that it is time-consuming and expensive. When feeding a raw diet purchased from our store most of the work is already done and all pet parents have to do is thaw and serve! There is a transition period with figuring out a schedule that works best for you and your pet. You may find a few extra minutes have to be set aside to prep, but overall once the food is thawed it’s very easy and convenient! There are also ways to keep costs down with raw feeding; if you have a small dog or a cat most bags will last anywhere from 3-5 weeks. If you have a multiple pet household, dehydrated pre-mixes might be an option to consider. 

Benefits Of Feeding Raw:

Incorporating any kind of raw or fresh food is always very beneficial to help support your pet’s:

  • Vitality & energy 
  • Dental and bone health
  • Stool & digestive health
  • Urinary health by adding more moisture
  • Gut & immune health 

How To Start Feeding Raw:

There are an array of other products that can be used to introduce or incorporate raw into your pet’s diet as each pet may have different needs or be picky! 

If you are new to feeding raw and are interested in adding it to your pet’s bowl there are many options that can serve as a starting point:

  • Primal Butcher Blend’s: These little morsels; which consist of meat, organ, and bone, can be topped on kibble or raw foods! They can even be used as snacks or inside interactive toys!
  • Primal Elixirs: These mixes are made up of veggies and supplements in a pork bone broth. Each are meant to target issues such as immunity and digestive issues. They can be used to add fresh food to kibble or raw!
  • Green Juju: Similar to the Primal elixirs, Green juju is made up of green veggies and some fruits in either a turkey or bison bone broth. Both can be mixed or topped on your pet’s food!
  • Answers Goat & Cow Cheese Bites: These organic, 2-ingredient bites are made of either cow or goat cheese mixed with one ingredient such as; cherries, blueberries, garlic, and cumin. These are great as treats or to crumble on top of your pet’s food! They are a great source of probiotics & various vitamins and minerals!

Types Of Raw Food

We offer 18 different brands of raw food including several varieties of complete & balanced raw meals, supplemental mix-ins, and DIY options to add to your pets diet. We also offer freeze dried and dehydrated options. We have the perfect raw food choice for every cat and dog. 

When The Pet Beastro adds a new brand to our store, we want to make sure it fits our Beastro Promise. What makes our brands different than purchasing meat from the grocery store is that our vetted brands (many of them small businesses like us!) have superior ingredient sourcing with transparency, complete and balanced meals with no added work from the pet parent, strict pathogenic testing on batches, a wider range of included organ meats, and plenty of flavor varieties.

Whatever your choice to start making a switch, our knowledgeable associates are ready to answer your questions. Stop by the store or you can set up a nutrition consultation here. 


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