Beastro Team Member Nathan Beswick Talks About Raw Feeding Certification For Pets

Beastro Team Member Nathan Beswick Talks About Raw Feeding Certification For Pets

Our staff has completed the raw certification course. It has given them the tools needed to help educate and inform customers about all the benefits of raw feeding and how to properly build a complete and balanced raw diet for their pets.

How Raw Feeding Changed My Pets

My family and I share our space with two dogs and a cat. The older dog is a Labrador mix and the younger is a wily Collie-German Shepherd mix. The cat is a chunky Tabby with dark striped fur. I started learning more about raw food options when I started working at the Pet Beastro and wanted to see if I could implement some better food into my pets’ lives. This started by swapping the kibble out for better quality kibble to use as a base. It also confirmed my suspicions that the younger dog had a chicken allergy.

Freeze-Dried Pet Food Is An Easy Option

I’ve tried a lot of freeze-dried food with my pets because of the relative ease at which you can feed it. My pets aren’t incredibly picky so I haven’t had much of a problem experimenting with a couple of different proteins. Once they had a taste for the freeze-dried raw I was able to mix it into their kibble without a problem.

The Health Benefits Of A Raw Diet 

The better quality of food has really improved the quality of my cat’s fur, and she’s lost a bit of weight as well. She’s been more active and more forward about getting our attention than she has in years. She’s even started following me around the house everywhere I go. I didn’t think the change would be that dramatic, but I think she’s much happier now. The younger dog isn’t constantly licking his paws since I took him off of chicken-based food and there’s no skin reddening in his usual hotspots. It is pretty hard to open a bag of any kind without three sets of paws immediately scrambling over to me, I’d say there has been improvement all-around so far.

Raw Food For Picky Pets

As far as what my pets don’t like to eat, it can be tricky. Some types of fish and mussels don’t really go over well. The cat doesn’t always like the same flavor all the time. It’s a given with some pets that you’ll have to give them a minute to decide if they want beef today or whitefish. For the cat, I usually give her a tiny amount of the freeze-dried to see if she’s in the mood for that protein today. If not, I try another. It takes a little persistence sometimes.

Additional Ways To Vary The Raw Diet 

In the future, should I take in a pet after I’ve moved into a new place to live, I’d love to experiment with how to balance a good-quality diet within my budget. The Build-A-Bowl available on Primal’s website is pretty much exactly what I had in mind when I found my interest on the topic too, so there’s definitely resources to point people in the right direction. Even if you’ve got a big dog with a big appetite, there’s always ways to mix dry food with raw and other things to add vitamins to the diet like goat milk and vegetable mixes in solid or puree form. You can find more ways to vary your pet's diet at


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