Top 20 Cat & Dog Products In 2021

Top 20 Cat & Dog Products In 2021

Our pets and their owners have spoken for 2021. We have compiled a list of the Top 20 items that every pet parent should know about and include in their pantry. We would love to hear your testimonial and what your pet loves from the list!

Our pets and their owners have spoken for 2021. We have compiled a list of the Top 20 items that every pet parent should know about and include in their pantry. We would love to hear your testimonial and what your pet loves from the list!

1. Unpasteurized Pet Safe Raw Goat Milk

This is the second year in a row for Goat Milk in the top 20. We think this should be a staple in just about every home from young to old from cats to dogs. Goat milk can be used as an everyday add-in to dry food, frozen into an enrichment mat, or given as a bedtime snack. We love all the nutritional benefits that our four-legged friends get from an unpasteurized gut-healing simple whole and fresh food product. 

2. Farmina Canned Cat Food Imported From Italy 

Farmina canned cat food is unlike any other canned cat food on the market. Most cats are attracted to the aroma of the broth in these canned foods. We love the variety that Farmina gives our feline friends. You can choose from unique proteins such as quail, venison, and boar. In addition, you can choose from grain-free, pumpkin, or quinoa-based cans to please any finicky feline. Currently, all cans are imported from Italy and made with non-GMO ingredients.

3. Happy Howie’s Meaty Treats for Dogs 

Howie's Dog Treats is a Michigan company and has become a fan favorite for our canine friends. We carry a variety of bulk treats, packaged treats, and treat rolls in beef, turkey, and lamb flavors. Pet owners love the bulk options of picking several different treats or all of one flavor. If you haven’t tried the lamb patties for your dog yet, we haven’t met a pup who doesn't love it. 

4. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Body Parts Bar 

These freeze-dried pet treats are great for cats and dogs as they are single-ingredient treats that you can certainly identify when your dog picks them out of our bins. You might find your pup enjoying a duck head, turkey neck, pig ears, pig snout, or moo stick just to name a few. Every one of these body part chews is freeze-dried, making it safe for your pet to consume the entire treat and be fully digestible. Smaller items such as the chicken necks are great for your feline friend.

5. The Pet Beastro Reusable Bags & Canvas Totes 

We are thankful for our customers supporting our mission of being a bagless store to help us support Mother Earth. We know our reusable bags save thousands of plastic bags from going into landfills. Most plastic bags never withstood the weight of some of our pet goods. Reusable bags can hold more items and have a better weight capacity. It is estimated that one reusable bag has the equivalent use of over 500 single-use plastic bags.

6. Bully Sticks Dog Chews

No body parts go unused for dog chews. Bully sticks are no different. These chews are great for dogs who need a strong, long-lasting option. We love that you can pair this type of chew with an interactive toy to help with longevity and mental stimulation. Choose from different shapes, styles, widths, and lengths based on your dog's chewing habits. 

7. Nootie Progility Calming Aid Chews For Dogs

Most dog parents rejoice when they use this calming aid to support their dog's nervous system for times of anxiety. This supplement combines amino acids and nervine herbs to promote relaxation during thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, grooming trips, outings to the veterinarian office, or any other situational anxiety environments that cause added stress. These chews are fast-acting and typically offer relief within 30 minutes. Great to have on hand because you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can't help your pet be safe and calm. 

8. Nulo Limited Ingredient Meaty Pouches for Dogs

Picky dogs as well as non-picky pups love the flavors of these Nulo meaty pouches. Great to top any bowl as they are packed with chunks of identifiable meat. These pouches are meant to be mixed with dry food, raw food, or freeze-dried food. All meaty pouches are a few simple ingredients leaving out the vitamins and minerals making them not a complete meal. The added broth in every pouch is great for hydration, hiding supplements, and incorporating them into your pet's current diet. These yummy pouches help add some variety and make the bowl less boring.

9. From The Field Cat Toys

Cats give this From The Field two paws up. This is one of our fastest-growing cat toy collections for kitties. In addition to toys, From The Field offers loose leaf catnip in different sizes along with blends of catnip to entice your cat's senses and enrichment activities. From kickers to bat-arounds, there is a toy for every cat's play style. On your next trip to The Pet Beastro, make sure to bring home the best ‘nip in town.

10. Beef Cheek Rolls Long-Lasting Dog Chews

Dog owners looking for a long-lasting chew gobbled up the beef cheek rolls right when they hit the shelves!  Beef cheek rolls provide the chewing sensation that dogs desire and help with mental stimulation and keep your pup entertained.

11. Oma’s Pride Recreational Raw Chew Bones For Dogs 

Recreational marrow bones from Oma's Pride are great for dogs of all ages and lifestyles, from puppies to seniors and loved by dog owners who can’t find a chew that lasts. We have femurs, split knuckles, and marrow bones that are in different proteins and different sizes. Our smallest marrow bones can be used by toy-sized breeds all the way up to the whole knuckle or split knuckle for the biggest of dogs. Marrow bones should be given frozen or slightly thawed and are considered for recreational chewing and should be monitored just like any other chew. 

12. Etta Says Healthy Meat Yum Sticks For Dogs 

These are equivalent to a Slim Jim for humans but with better ingredients. These meaty sausage sticks from Etta Says are great to toss in a to-go bag, training on the fly, or just a great wholesome snack for any size dog. 

13. Primal Pet Foods Frozen Bone Broth for Cats & Dogs

This gelatinous golden Primal broth is great for cats and dogs to support hips, joints, liver, and immune system health. It’s a simple item that can be added as a topper, mixer, or on its own as a treat. You can serve it straight from the fridge, at room temperature, or even heated up for a warm snack in the winter months. Choose from four single protein options: chicken, turkey, pork, or beef.

14. Primal Pet Foods Limited Ingredient Butcher’s Blend Raw Topper

This popular frozen topper is for both cats and dogs. You can thaw as little or as much as you need for the daily amount used in your house. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to three days once thawed. This single protein topper is great for picky eaters, pet parents who like to incorporate fresh food, a way to add hydration into the diet, and boost the bowl using high-quality proteins while avoiding inflammatory ingredients.  

15. Zignature Limited Ingredient Pate Style Canned Dog Food

It’s easy to see why dog parents love the Zignature brand. Their treats, canned varieties, and dry food are chicken-free and potato-free along with using limited ingredients. Dogs with food allergies, sensitivities, or even digestive issues do well with these pate-style canned flavors. Zignature canned food is a complete and balanced diet that can be used by itself or mixed in with dry food. Canned food is very versatile to suit your dog’s needs.

16. Whimzee Dental Chews for Dogs 

These differently shaped chews come in a variety of sizes from teacup-sized pups to large breed dogs. Whimzee chews are a plant-based treat that is absent of meat or any protein derivatives. Each treat is specially shaped to remove plaque and tartar and leave your dog’s breath smelling fresh! 

17. Fromm Gold Grain Friendly Dog Food

Pet parents who are looking to support a family-owned and operated business look at Fromm’s Family Pet Foods. In addition to dog food, they also make cat food, canned food, and dog treats. Fromm has both grain-friendly and grain-free options in both dry food and canned food. 

18. Fluff & Tuff Long-Lasting Stuffed Dog Toys 

Get one of these great long-lasting stuffed dog toys and you will be hooked. I think that some dogs just have a life goal of unstuffing and unfluffing stuffed toys. Even dogs with those types of life goals still get playtime out of the Fluff & Tuff dog toys. We love the innovation, non-toxic materials used, double stitching of the inseam for strength, and the launch of new options every year.

19. Open Farm Gently Cooked All-Natural Food for Dogs 

These gently cooked sous vide-style dog food has been selling out with every re-order. Open Farm really upped the ante for picky dogs and small breed dogs. This healthy and thoughtfully made food also makes a great topper for pups who tend to avoid mealtime or not eat regularly. We love the transparency on all products from Open Farm as they want every pet parent to make the best decision about their choices when it comes to mealtime.

20. Lotus Raw Cat Food 

Lotus cat food quickly became a fan favorite when Rad Cat went out of business (if you know, you know!). Although the texture and consistency are nothing like our former friend's formula, most cats seem to have accepted the Lotus cat raw food. This boneless and veggie-free formula can help cat lovers tailor a diet based on your specific cat's needs. We love the single protein options with simple complete formulas in both red meats and poultry depending on what your cat loves most. 

Our Pet Wellness Service of the Year Goes To

Chiropractic Care For Cats & Dogs. We couldn’t be more grateful that Advanced Animal Chiropractic has chosen The Pet Beastro as one of its partners. Spinal and nerve care are so important to the assimilation of the nutrients we put into our bodies. This is no different for our cats and dogs. In addition to nutrition, your pet may need chiropractic care just like humans. With conditions like knee complaints, ear infections, bladder incontinence, back and spine weakness or diagnosis, hip injuries, post-surgery, and the list goes on, Chiropractic care for cats and dogs can help!

Move Over 2021, Bring On 2022!

2021 has come with its highs and lows but it’s definitely been one for the history books! This year wouldn’t be possible without all of you, our loyal customers. We are forever thankful for all your love and support in 2021 and each and every year. We are so excited for 2022 and all the fun, new things we have in store! If you have further questions about our top pet products, any one of our staff members can help you find the right option for your pets, just visit our retail store in Madison Heights, Michigan to learn more or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store online to learn more. 


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