Top 20 Products of 2023!

Top 20 Products of 2023!

Discover The Pet Beastro's Top 20 Picks! Our curated list unveils pet delights from Happy Howie’s joyous treats to Fussie Cat's feline feasts. Quality, variety, and health—find the best for your furry friend.

Join us to explore the top pet picks 2023 at The Pet Beastro, where we celebrate products and the stories behind them. (Here are the first five!)

Happy Howie's Dog Treats

Happy Howie’s, a Detroit-based business, leads the pack with its delectable dog treats. Since 2006, this independent company has been crafting healthy and tasty treats for your pup, using quality natural ingredients. From a local venture to a health-focused treat distributor, they offer diverse, delicious options for our furry friends. A star in their lineup, the Lamb Burger, captures the essence of a family barbecue made with pure Midwest beef; it offers a healthy and natural option for pet parents who prioritize wholesome nutrition.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Happy Howie's: Happy Howie's treats have captivated pet parents for their commitment to quality ingredients, providing a delightful variety that suits every dog. These treats are a fan favorite; even the pickiest pets like them! Pet parents appreciate the option to buy just one, a handful, or a bulk bag, making them a consistently popular brand in The Pet Beastro!


Vital Essentials Raw Bars

These delectable bars are a hit among pets, creating moments of sheer joy with their irresistible flavors. At The Pet Beastro, our pet parents adore Vital Essentials for its unwavering commitment to quality and raw nutrition. The Freeze-Dried Duck Hearts and other raw bars from Vital Essentials contribute to the well-being of your furry companions. The raw bar makes treating your pets to nutritious and flavorful freeze-dried raw snacks a breeze. They cater to diverse tastes, from chicken necks to bully twists.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Vital Essentials: What sets Vital Essentials treats apart is what they lack—no fillers, no gluten, no grains, and definitely no artificial ingredients. Vital Essentials' dedication to providing the best for dogs and cats aligns with our mission at The Pet Beastro. As a family-owned company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, they've been a pioneer in raw pet food production, offering award-winning products that prioritize the health of pets worldwide. 


Bare Bites Treats

Bare Bites are the heart of flavor and simplicity at The Pet Beastro! Our Bare Bites Dog Treats are crafted from a single ingredient—100% pure dehydrated yams. They redefine pet snacking with a commitment to the purest ingredients and maximum taste. Picture this: a delightful crunch, a burst of natural sweetness, and an instant tail-wagging approval from your furry friend!

Why Our Pet Parents Love Bare Bites: It's the commitment to minimalism and quality. No chemicals, no preservatives—just natural, human-grade ingredients that make these treats perfect for dogs and cats! 


Nootie Calming Aid

Back by popular demand for the second year running, Nootie Calming Aids is stealing the show in our top 20 list! While it’s unusual for a supplement to claim the spotlight, these calming treats have become the go-to solution for pet parents.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Nootie Calming Aids: Our dogs deserve calming support in a world filled with fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, and all life's unexpected stresses. Whether it’s a grooming appointment, a long road trip, or even airplane travel, Nootie Calming Aids have proven to be the trusted remedy. 


Fussie Cat Cans

Do you have a finicky cat? Welcome... Fussie Cat Cans, meticulously crafted to satisfy the pickiest of kitties. Each can is a protein feast that comes in various textures and flavors, from gravies to aspic styles, pumpkin soup styles, and pate. Fussie Cat's Fine Dining line introduces a delightful assortment, including the mousses that provide a hydrating experience enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. These recipes are crafted in Fussie Cat's FDA-registered kitchen and meet the highest quality standards.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Fussie Cat: Beyond the ordinary, Fussie Cat caters to individual cat preferences with diverse textures and flavors. Crafted from premium, natural ingredients, these cans boast a high protein (at least 20% meat protein) and low carbohydrate (3-5%) profile. With 70% moisture, they emulate the natural diet of wild cats, ensuring a delightful dining experience for even the pickiest eaters among our feline friends. 

Nulo Meaty Pouches

A must-have in our top 20 for 2023, Nulo's Freestyle Dog Pouches redefines mealtime convenience. Perfect for on-the-go or a quick snack at doggie daycare, these pouches offer limited ingredients, ideal for pets with allergies. Jayden, our savvy sales associate, swears by them for Shooter, her furry friend. The versatility—from a mid-hike treat to a pour-over at mealtime—is unmatched. Pet parents adore the limited ingredients for tailored nutrition, and the generous broth keeps pets hydrated and excited.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Nulo Freestyle Pouches: They are a hit for their limited ingredients, catering to specific dietary needs. The generous broth makes meals tastier and ensures essential hydration for pets. It's the smart, convenient, and nutritious choice that pet parents love. 


BEASTRO Fromm Polyester Bag

This foldable polyester purple bag is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. It's spacious yet compact, making it perfect for outings and travel. Pet parents adore its durability and chic design, which perfectly complements Fromm's commitment to quality. 


Boss Dog Raw Milk

Boss Dog's frozen goat milk is a pet-friendly elixir of wellness! This goat milk is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, supporting healthy digestion and immune function. Whether served solo or mixed with food, it's a convenient and tasty way to enhance your pet's well-being.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Boss Dog's Frozen Goat Milk: Pet parents adore Boss Dog Raw Milk for its versatility and health benefits. It's a probiotic powerhouse that promotes digestion and boosts immunity, and it fits seamlessly into various feeding routines with options for both dogs and cats. 


Farmina N&D Canned Food

What sets them apart? The one-time cooking process directly in the sealed can preserves all-natural juices, creating a flavor-packed experience. Loved by cats and dogs alike, the generous amount of broth and moisture make it an irresistible meal choice.

Why Pet Parents Love Farmina's canned food: It has won the hearts (and taste buds) of pet parents like Josephine. Her feline family adores the variety, from unique proteins like quail and venison to added pumpkin or quinoa options. The one-time cooking method ensures maximum flavor, and Josephine appreciates the thoughtful inclusion of ingredients like pomegranates and blueberries for urinary and kidney support. Farmina emerges as a consistent and nourishing favorite for cats with finicky tastes or sensitive stomachs. Plus, the range of imported, non-GMO options makes it a go-to for pet parents seeking quality and variety in each can.


Weruva Pumpkin Pouches

A natural digestive supplement packed with the goodness of pureed pumpkin, ginger, and turmeric. Ideal for both dogs and cats, this supplement promotes a healthy digestive system, aids in good stool quality, and supports gut motility. The addition of ginger and turmeric provides natural antioxidants, reducing inflammation. It's a flavorful meal booster conveniently packaged in easy-to-serve pouches. Whether served alone or mixed with your pet's food, Weruva pouches are a trusted choice for a happy and healthy tummy.

Why Pet Parents Love Weruva Pouches: They have stood the test of time, becoming a staple for many pet parents. The wide range of flavors provides options for even the pickiest eaters, and the quality of real meat, prepared in a human-grade kitchen, makes Weruva a top choice for pet parents who prioritize the best for their feline friends. 

Barking Buddha Dog Treats

From the heart of Akron, Ohio, Barking Buddha crafts limited-ingredient treats and chews using sustainably sourced, grass-fed meats. Patrick Caprez's dedication ensures top-quality, natural treats loved by pets worldwide. Plus, every purchase supports local rescues.

Why Pet Parents Love Barking Buddha Dog Treats: Pet parents adore Barking Buddha for their flavorful, healthy treats made from sustainably sourced, grass-fed meats. The commitment to quality and local support makes it a trusted choice for conscientious pet owners.

Etta Says Yumm Sticks

Discover 100% human-grade meat jerky treats with Etta Says Yumm Sticks! Wholesome and versatile, they're free of fillers and high in protein. Ideal for rotational feeding, breaking them into portions is a breeze. Nikki, our online associate, swears by them for her pup, Bean.

Why Pet Parents Love Etta Says Yumm Sticks: Pet parents love Etta Says Yumm Sticks for their 100% human-grade, free-of-fillers, meat jerky treats.

Fromm Family Dog Kibble

Feed your furry family member with Fromm's nutritious Dog Kibble. Fromm, a Wisconsin-based, family-owned company, ensures safety and quality through rigorous programs. Packed with essential nutrients, these recipes keep your dog healthy and happy.

Why Pet Parents Love Fromm Dog Kibble: Pet parents love Fromm for its nutritious dog kibble, ensuring quality through rigorous programs. The family-owned company's commitment to safety and essential nutrients in each recipe makes it a staple for a pet's long and healthy life.

Savage Cat Frozen Raw Cat Food

Savage Cat's Frozen Raw Cat Food offers finely or coarsely ground textures. Proudly made in the USA, these all-natural raw diets cater to felines' health. Ideal for cats with food allergies, the meats are humanely and sustainably sourced.

Why Pet Parents Love Savage Cat Frozen Raw Cat Food: Pet parents appreciate Savage Cat for providing finely or coarsely ground frozen raw cat food. Sourced in the USA and ideal for cats with food allergies, it reflects a commitment to feline health with humanely and sustainably sourced meats.

Primal Raw Bones

A top 20 product list is not complete without Primal! The product that made it is Primal's Raw Bones. These all-natural, meaty chews are perfect for dental health and satiating your dog's carnivorous instincts. Rich in calcium, these bones are a hearty addition to your dog's diet.

Why Pet Parents Love Primal Raw Bones: Pet parents love Primal Raw Bones for being a hearty and all-natural chew, perfect for dental health and satisfying a dog's carnivorous instincts. Rich in calcium, these bones showcase a commitment to your dog's health.

Koha Canned Cat Food

Treat your cat to a culinary feast with Koha's Pure Shreds—a symphony of shredded meats and nutrient-rich superfoods in a savory broth. Crafted for the finicky feline, this high-protein, low-fat indulgence in a luscious broth captures the essence of a hearty and healthy meal.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Koha: Discerning cats savor the variety, and pet parents appreciate the meticulous choice for both nutrition and flavor, making Koha a feline favorite.

Yoghund Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Pamper your pup with Yoghund's frozen yogurt cups—an irresistible blend of probiotics and wholesome ingredients. Vet-approved and guilt-free, these frozen delights go beyond being a treat; they boost digestive health.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Yoghund: It's a tasty yet health-conscious reward, carefully selected for its deliciousness and nourishing qualities, ensuring tails wag with joy.

Identity Cans

Elevate your cat's dining experience with Identity Canned Cat Food—where limited ingredients, grain-free goodness, and responsibly sourced elements come together. Each recipe is a nutritional gem, committing to feline wellness and promoting vitality with every thoughtfully crafted meal.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Identity: It's more than a meal; it's a health-conscious choice, ensuring our feline friends thrive on wholesome nutrition.

A Pup Above Gently Cooked

Transform your dog's meals with A Pup Above's fresh frozen food—a marriage of gentle cooking and nutrient-rich ingredients. Born from a pet parent's devotion, this option stands as a convenient and health-conscious alternative, delivering both convenience and holistic well-being.

Why Our Pet Parents Love A Pup Above: A testament to love, health, and convenience, this choice has been embraced for its commitment to a dog's overall health and happiness.

Primal Bone Broth

Hydrate and nourish your pet with Primal Frozen Bone Broth—a slow-simmered elixir of essential vitamins and rich flavor. Versatile enough to be a meal topper or a standalone snack, even picky eaters can't resist.

Why Our Pet Parents Love Primal: It's more than a topper; it's a health-supporting elixir, ensuring everything from joints to digestion thrives, and pets eagerly anticipate each serving.

Our Top 20 Products of 2023 are here! Stop by our retail locations in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, or in Warren, Southeast Corner of East 14 Mile Road and Schoenherr, which are open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. Also, visit our 24/7 natural pet food treats, toys, and supplies store online. Please message us on InstagramFacebook, or TikTok! Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you. Your pet's well-being is our priority.


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