Hot Deals for Cool Pets at The Pet Beastro!

Hot Deals for Cool Pets at The Pet Beastro!

Celebrate summer with The Pet Beastro's June deals! Get discounts on Stella & Chewy’s, Ziwi, Nulo, and more. Give your pets the best with our healthy and nutritious product specials!

June is here, and so are our exciting in-store deals! At The Pet Beastro, we love providing you with the best products to keep your pets happy, healthy, and thriving. Check out our amazing deals this month and discover why these brands are loved by both pets and pet parents.

$8 OFF Stella & Chewy’s Dog Kibble: Raw Coated or Raw Blend (22 lbs)

Why We Love It: Stella & Chewy’s is a trusted brand committed to quality and nutrition. Their dog kibble is raw-coated or raw-blend, ensuring your furry friend gets the best of both worlds – the convenience of kibble with the added benefits of raw nutrition. Packed with high-quality proteins and organic fruits and vegetables, Stella & Chewy’s promotes healthy digestion, shiny coats, and overall vitality.

$7 OFF Ziwi New Steam & Dried Recipes (1.8 lbs)

Why We Love It: Ziwi’s new steam and dried recipes are a hit among dogs for their light texture and delicious taste. Made with ethically sourced ingredients, these recipes provide balanced nutrition and support healthy joints, skin, and coats. Ziwi’s air-drying process locks in nutrients, making it a wholesome and convenient choice for your pet.

$1 OFF Raw Cow Milk with Organic Pumpkin from Answers Pet Food

Why We Love It: Answers Pet Food offers a unique and nutritious addition to your pet’s diet with its raw cow milk infused with organic pumpkin. This product supports digestive health, provides essential vitamins and minerals, and is a natural source of probiotics. It’s perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs or needing a nutritional boost.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Progility Calming Aid Single Serve & $4 OFF Earth Natural Calmness Liquid Supplement (Plus Save on Pet Releaf)

Why We Love It: Planning ahead for local fireworks shows? Progility and Earth Natural offer effective calming solutions for anxious pets. Progility Calming Aid single serves are convenient and tasty, helping to soothe nervous pets. Earth Natural Calmness Liquid Supplement provides a gentle, natural way to reduce stress. Pet Releaf’s CBD products are also renowned for their calming properties, ensuring your pet stays relaxed during stressful times.

Free Crunchy Cat Treat with a 5 lb and 12 lb Bag of Freestyle Cat Kibble from Nulo

Why We Love It: Nulo Freestyle Cat Kibble has high-quality ingredients to support lean muscles, a healthy heart, and a shiny coat. It’s grain-free and packed with probiotics for digestive health. As a bonus, you’ll receive a free crunchy cat treat with every purchase of a 5 lb or 12 lb bag, making it a double delight for your feline friend.

$2 OFF Select Fish Treats from Polkadog (New)

Why We Love It: Polkadog’s fish treats are a new addition to our store and already a favorite. Made from fresh, locally sourced fish, these treats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and coat. They’re also low in calories, making them a guilt-free treat for your dog.

$10 OFF 7 lb Bags of A Pup Above Gently Cooked Grain-Friendly Chicken Recipe

Why We Love It: A Pup Above offers gently cooked meals that are both nutritious and delicious. Their grain-friendly chicken recipe is made with human-grade ingredients, ensuring your dog gets the best nutrition possible. This recipe supports muscle development, healthy digestion, and overall well-being, making mealtime something to look forward to.

Visit The Pet Beastro this June to take advantage of these fantastic deals. Your pets deserve the best, and we’re here to help you give it to them! Stop by our retail locations in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, or in Warren, Southeast Corner of East 14 Mile Road and Schoenherr, which are open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. Also, visit our 24/7 natural pet food treats, toys, and supplies store online. Please message us on InstagramFacebook, or TikTok for further information! 


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